Yeah to a Certain Degree

I'm such an independent woman in most aspects of my life so when its in the bedroom, wow , I love it when he takes over... Now I don't mean anything crazy... I don't want to be hog tied or anything or tied to my bed for hours on end... but just sometimes just let hime be in control, a little roughness, firm talk, telling me what to throwing me back, pulling the hair , little spanking on the backside..feel me??? LOL
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yes, like a wet shirt.

wow.. i like that.. specially the hair pulling part and i love it too.

If you LET him be in control, then you are still in control. What will fulfill you will be to be completely taken OUT of control by someone whose affection makes it OK, but with a genuinely risky edge. And NO, you wouldn't get to decide how long you were tied to the bed. LOL

Thanks LifeMat... Yeah as you get older you discover little things about

Its great that you know what you want and he assists you to your mutual satisfaction!

Thanks "horny06"

Marvelous attitude to sex he is one lucky guy!