First Time walk into a room and have him thrust me up against the wall, kissing my neck hard, pushing his rising self against me while tightly holding my wrists above my head ... that is the ultimate first meeting

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Oh wow, that sounds ridiculously exciting. I've always wanted to do that !

Hmm...interesting...I just wrote something very similar to this today. In "I love to make out" or something. Sounds hot, huh?

This fantasy sounds great, I'd love it if a man did that to me.

Jist:<br />
<br />
ur right, men shouldn't be afraid to do this or go there..<br />
<br />
...but it's not about being told..<br />
<br /> should just happen spontaneously..<br />
<br />
-just one man's opinion...<br />
<br />

didnt read all the comments...<br />
<br />
but heck yeah...couldnt agree more!!....sign me up!

I would love to thrust my Hot Shaft up you

my wife asked are you gonna rape me... a total turn off

Damn that sounds like fun. <br />
I am gonna run down town and try that in a evevator. You guys start taking up a collection for my bail, OK?

That is exactly my style . . . give me a time and a place Sweetie . . . <br />
<br />
. . . sturmbringener sends . . .

thats what my wife wants-just not with me,lol


If the mood is right why not?

which is why you do it w/ your partner... on here it doesn't seem to matter...

Turns me on just to think about it. But sadly, too many man think that they can't do that when they are in a serious relationship. They don't know what they are missing!

that makes me want to stalk bars and nightclubs- i hear that kind of thing happens all the time down there :D


Oh girl make me wanna.......