I Am Her *****

I regularly cam with a female colleague from an other office where she calls me her ***** in these sessions and have me do all things for her to please her or to fulfill her demands. She makes me pose like a sissy..oil up my **** and give long ************ sessions on her command and demand.

Sometimes I have to wear a very tight cockring or have to bind my balls and **** with rope or elastics, giving it pain and sometimes pleasure. At the end I usually have to suck myself for her and showing her the big load she has milked out of me from a distance.

It is just me obeying to her orders and showing her all on cam. She only watches me and I can see her face on cam giving me evil smiles as she humiliates me further.

I really hope I have to travel there one day again so we can have it done for real. I will buy a strap on then and beg her to **** me hard with it and explore things for real!

sexylexie sexylexie
2 Responses Mar 3, 2009

It does sound great, and I also hope you get to actually meet her one day. It could be an intense encounter.

Sounds great I hope that you do get to meet her!