My Kinky Story

I think it is sexy when my man ties me up. And has his way with me. Others think I am crazy cuz we have this game we play. Where we go to the club or anywhere and act like we don't know each other. Then I dance with other guys or women and he watches me get nasty with them. Then sometimes I will go to their house and open a shade and let him watch me have sex with that person. Or other times  he will follow me to my car or a ally way and act like is raping me. I fight back and he willl tie my hands and rip my clothes from my body and **** me and I mean ****  me hard. Sometimes I hurt after but it is so much funny. We have a open relation ship. So all the men and women I see do this with me. And once I had two men inside me at once while I was tied up. Now that was great. They had their way with me.. So I guess it is a little much for others to take in but I love it.
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26-30, F
5 Responses Aug 15, 2007

Sounds awesome to me! Enjoy it!<br />
<br />
:-) E. Bunbury

Adventurous women are SO much fun... *sigh*

u r a lucky diva!!

You go girl!!

Bless your heart . . .