Female Domination!!!

i would love to meet a female to dominate me. i love the idea of it for some reason. 


update: when i met my current girlfriend, i began to be very open sexually with her.  I told her of all the things that i wanted to do and began doing things just on a whim.  early on in our relationship, i'd videotape her going down on me on my cell phone without her realizing it. i asked her to be rougher with me, i even asked her to smack my *** and call me a *****.  to look at my girl you'd never guess that she'd do those things but she has and she is the one who wears the strap (she's a golden star and not into penetration or much of anything else right now it seems)

i love being held down and forced to do something whether it's being forced to touch myself or sucking the strap. it doesn't make me feel powerless  or out of control, it's oddly empowering to my self esteem.

pariah pariah
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Women to women.

I dominate men online I humiliate them and I love it, I make them buy me shoes and pay for me to go out in return for a few treats

Me too!

I definitely want to be dominated by a woman. I love to crossdress but only like females. I would love to be dominated by a woman who knew how to bring my loves to life. I love to drtess feminine but love the taste of of the female body

i need advice on something. theres a girl who i really like and want her to dominate me. i know she loves me but i don't want to tell her and then have her not be into it. i know for a fact tht she loves 2 be in charge, & i don't. we're close friends & i don't want this 2 efect our relationship. wat do i do?

ask her out first. wait around a month and then tell her.

I'm look 4 a woman 2 dominate me London let me noo

I'm look 4 a woman 2 dominate me London let me noo

Like to meet you!

i know quite a few women that have to dominate, myself being one of them.

dom me