I've Had This Fantasy For A While Now...

since i was 14 i used to fantacise about being dominated, having no control over anything, submitting to someone else, trusting in them completely... i used to let my imagination wander and here is a part of one such wandering.....


The train slows and jolt of nervousness hits me followed by a hit of adrenaline, this is it. I stand up, smoothing my long mac down, praying that no one knows that all i have underneath is the lingerie You sent me and my stockings. I exit the train, the cold air all around me, stiffening my already hard nipples, I walk to the magazine stand as You instructed. My hair is whipping around me in the wind and I shiver, I feel an arm around my waist you turn me to face You. You smile,

"Are you ready?" You ask? I nod slowly, not trusting myself to speak, so full of fear and tension and arousal. "Speak" You command, "of course i am ready Master" "Did you receive my gift?" "Yes" "Show me" It wasnt a request, it was an order, I glance around nervously. "Ignore them, you are here for me and my pleasure only" You look at me sternly, I swallow my fear and remember why I am here, slowly I untie my mac and open it up. I see You appraising me and I see the bulge in Your jeans, I ignore the stares and the comments, focusing only on You.

You then reach into Your pocket and take out a collar, I bow my head and You attatch it to my neck, smiling You take my hand and lead me outside. You pull me into an unmarked car and command me to take my jacket off fully, I do, as we pull away from the station You throw it out the window, leaving me so exposed.... The drive is short, You command me sit absolutely still as You can see the lust in my eyes, You want me panting for You, we arrive at our destination, a posh hotel in the middle of the city, i realise that you expect me to walk in, in just my lingerie, my stomach drops even further when You pull out a lead and attatch it to my collar but I can feel how wet i am, this turns me on so much more than anything else in the world, being Yours, belonging to You, being at Your beck and call, I am for You and You only

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4 Responses Feb 28, 2010

Wow, nice >.<

Excellent story. Very arousing; my compliments.

Very Very nice. Truly you have the submissive sight and sense. I would loe to accommodate this desire of yours... <br />
<br />
You desire, nature, to give all to your Master is wonderful and special. Many slaves with more age and experience still hold back, still want to guide the relationship. You accept your role, place, purpose in the relationship and through that submission grow in depth and fulfillment.<br />
<br />
Well done!

That is hot but I would never have the nerve to do that in public.