Every Since I Was Little

i was raised with my mom and sister, and every since i was little my mom wanted another girl. i was always femine and would always play with my sisters stuff. then one day my mom told me to come out to the kitchen and get ready we were going shopping!!!!. i alwys loved shopping i usually got a new barbie or make-up you know typical girl things.welll we went to the mall and went to some stores and my mom told me to try on the dresses and skirts and new tops and everything. so i did and it was soooooo much fun and when we got home my mom asked me if i wanted to be a girl forever? i said yes i do mommy. so my mom boxed u boy things i had(the little i actually had) and gave my boy things  to the salvation army. i was so happy i was going to be a girl for good. my sister helped dress me and i was now Laci :-). they did ,my nails panties bra dresses skirts blouses everything and anything. still to this day i am a woman and love it. i still have trouble with make-up. i hope one day i get good at it tho. that is my story about dressing up.

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you are very lucky, I always wanted to be dressed as a girl when I was little but my mom wouldn't even think about it, it was not right she said.

such a sweet family life...you lucky girl!!!

youll get the hang of it hone

why cant that happen to me

nice story


I though it's so cute!