At Last

been waiting for a long time but has finally happend . my girlfriend and i got drunk started talking about me and what i would look like dressed as a girl. so she rushed over to me and said close your eyes. then she went upstairs and i could hear her rummidging about in her draws. she came down and tied a tie around my eyes.then she went to work on me doing my make up then putting underwear,and what i thought was a short dress. she then walked me over to the mirror was and took off my blindfold,there i was standing there in her slutty schoolgirl outfit! she kept calling me her sexy girl. it turned into a wonderfull night ending with her putting her ******* on,slapping my bum and ******* and calling me her *****. wonderfull
villas villas
36-40, M
1 Response Aug 4, 2010

You are so lucky, hope to hear more of your adventures!