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     I don't know what age I was. I must have been around 6 or 7. I was drawn to my mothers under wear. They were like a magnet. One day I went to our family dirty clothes hamper and I sorted through the clothes. I found what I was looking for it was .Mom's under wear. I was only wearing my under wear at the time. So it was easy for me to put hers on. At first there was no sexual attraction. It came later. One day when I picked her under wear up off the floor I noticed a spot in her under wear. It looked different! I brought her panties up to my nose and I carefully and slowly smelled them. The smell was invigorating. I don't know what happened but My body began to shake and I felt like needles and pins were all over my body. Then I started to squirt something from the end of my male member. The feeling was strange but yet wonderful. When it was over I felt weak and had to sit down. I looked at the floor where I had just squirted. It was next to my mothers' bra. I picked up her bra. It was to big for me but I put it on anyway. I remember looking through the crack in the door when mom was getting dressed for work. She is so beautiful. I did this for a couple of years. One day mom said one of our cousins was coming to live with us for a few months. Her mom and dad were having some problems.
     The day came when Cheryl was to arrive. I could hardly wait. When the car pulled up in  front of our house I was so excited. She walked in the front door and I all but yanked  her suit case out of her hand. I asked if I could show her to her room? Mom said OK. Cheryl looked at mom then at me and smiled. She gave me a small kiss on the cheek. She said you are such a gentleman. We went to her room. She said well I guess I will unpack. Then you can show me around OK? "Sure,and I will help you unpack". "I do the washing,drying and folding of all the clothes"." So I know where everything goes".  "but I am a girl". "I know that, so is my mother and I put her clothes away". "Watch I will show you". I took her dresses and put them on a hanger smoothed the wrinkles and hung them all in the closet. I took her panties and gently put them in the second drawer. I put one on top of the other so daintily. Then I took her small bras and put hem one on top of the other, just like I did moms. I then put her slips one on top of the other. When I was done she looked at me and said "you are amazing" "You really are". Then she kissed me on the mouth. This time no one was near. So she kissed me long and hard. When mom said are you two done yet she stopped kissing me and smiled. "Race to you your mom"."OK" and I waited and let Cheryl win. Mom talked to Cheryl at dinner. We did not ask about her parents because we know she would cry.She loved both of her parents very much.Weeks went by and everything went back to normal. One Saturday momm andCheryl went shopping at the department store.I went into Cheryls room and got one of her bras and panties. I put on the bra. It fit nicely. I looked at her panties. There was a small spot in them. I brought it up to my nose and smelled it. It smelled so wonderful. I had to taste it. It tasted so good. Then all of a sudden Cheryl was standind in the doorway and said " what are you doing"? I was stunned. I quickly put her panies down and took off her bra. I ran out of the room in shame. We didn't talk for two days. I went around with my head down. Cheryl came to me on the third day and said" Do you like my panties?  Mom was outside in the garden. " yes, I said.I started to walk away. "Don't go please". "I want to tell you something". "I'm sorry for scaring you the other day". "I should have made a noise when I came in the house". " I like you very much". "Can we start over"? "Sure "and I kissed her hard and deep. "Can I ask you what you were doing licking my panies"? "I don't know why, I just like the smell and taste of women". "Thank you, you called me a woman"."But you are". At least I thought so. "Wait until mom goes shopping tomorrow". "Hey you called my mom, mom". "Yea I think she is  great, just like my mom". "You don't mind that I licked your  soiled  panties"? " heck no, if that is what you like, just don't strech out my bras,OK"? "OK'. After mom went shopping we went to her bedroom. Cheryl helped me dress in her soiled clothes. She soiled a pair of panties really good just so I could smell them. She then showed me how to make love. We made love the regular way. The way a man and a wife does. Then she showed me how two women do it.She had to use my bottom for my vagina. But it worked. I had 5 orgisums that day. Cheryl ad 7."We have to do this more often". "Everyday we can" I said.The next time mom went to the department store was 4 days later. We went into cheryls room and got undressed and I got dressed again.   We were like 2 women. We started to make love. Just after we had our second orgasum mom walked in the room. "I thought so". We both got under the covers. Mom didn't say anything.she just went into the livingroom. We got dressed and went into the livingroom with mom. We sat on the couch still not saying a word. We just held hands and looked at each other. Mom looked up and said" Cheryl have you had a period yet"? Yes mom I had one last week". "Well you two better start using some protection or you will end up pregnant". "Or do you want to be pregnant"? " NO, we just want to make love". Cheryl looked at me and then at mom and said "I love your son". "I love him with all my heart". I looked at mom and said" I love Cheryl too mom". 
     Mom talked with Cheryls' mother and father. When she got back mom said "It is alright with Cheryls parents so she can stay here from now on"."But, you two hae to make it look like you are sleeping in two different rooms". And please do not get pregnant until you are out of school". " I can't have another baby around here". "Im getting to old for a baby".  We are now out of school and we are going to get married(as wo women) and have a baby. We are going to name (her) after mom any more and we will name her after Cheryl's mom.

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Wonderful story Beckyanne1. I could not tell from the end for sure if you and Cheryl got married and had kids or not. Are you two still together. Nice story of early love. Nice your mom was open about sex and did not punish you for being open about your feelings. My mom was similar. Nice writing too.

I am so glad you did. It was meant to It is the truth. Yes as hard as it is to believe it is...Solina

Dearest Carla0811, Whn she found me I was in her room and I was ************ with her panties on my face. I had the soiled part in my mouth. I didnt stop until they were clean. When I was done she came in and said "come here young man" She sat on the edge of her bed and lifted her skirt. She took her panties off. I reached for them, she said not so easy. She pushed my head in between her legs. She was still on her period. She would not let my head go until she had a climax and she was clean. Then she handed me her panties. You have until tomorrow morning to clean them. I smiled and said yes mom. I did nt know it but when she had a climax I had one too. I *** on her purse. She called he in her room about 30 minutes later and she said look what you did. I idnt know .She picked up her purse and said "now I have to clean it. She licked her purse clean. Youll pay for this tomorrow!! Thats what happened. I cleaned her panties ever since then And her....Solina

Dear Meaty thighs, I appreciate your candid opinion. I will tell cheryl that when she comes home from work. I can't tell mom because she is in heaven.But please thank you so very much for reading our story ....Solina

This story was almost credible until "mom" found out what was going on. Her supposed reaction calls for a hefty suspension of disbelief.