My Girlfriend Feminized Me And Became My Mistress

I was 20 when my gf caught me in her panties. She had gone out and I thought I had the time to try her new thong on. Tahe thought of that piece of silk on my body really made me hard. I ******** and had a nice bath. To enhance the experience I Removed all the hair on my legs. When I slipped the thong on I felt so good. While I was looking at myself in the mirror I heard the door open and before I could coverup she saw me. I thought she would be mad but she just smiled a nasty smile and said "what took you so long". Turns out shE was waiting for me to do this. She looked me over and said let's finish the transformation. She took me into the bathroom and made me Remove all my body hair. She then took out a jar and told me to rub the contents all over my body from head to toe. The contents had an odd affeCt on me. My body tingled and I began to feel very horny. She then found a bra that matched the thong and had me put it on. It seemed to be made for me. She then gave me a garter belt and stockings, mini skirt and silk blouse. She had me put on a long black wig and then gave me a makeup lesson. Once she was done I looked at myself in the mirror and did not recognize the girl looking back at me.

She taught me to walk and sit like a girl and began working on my voice. This whole process took over two hours and at the end of it i was begging to ***. She then told me that I was her ***** from now on. My training continued for the next four months until one night she said I was ready for the next step.. She called a friend who came over. He was blck and had a 10 inch ****. I was ordered to suck him off as many time as he wanted. This began my **** training. This went on for two months with him and other men until my Mistress pronounced me fit for the next phase.

The first man then proceeded to teach me how to take a man in my male vagina. I quickly learned to enjoy this very very much.

I have been her slave for five years. I have made a lot of money for her on my knees and back. She has started me on hormones and promises me that when she deems my breasts big enough I will get implants.
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where can I find a woman like that. thats exactly what I need!

Whatever does it for you, I'm glad you found each other!