So How Does One Go About This?

So how can i convince a girl to help me dress up? My ex-girlfriend would always ask me to try on her dresses. but as we aren't on speaking terms now. i don't think its possible. And my friends that are girls from high school are well busy with there boyfriends and work. And how would i even go about that when we do hang out?
Newchef2005 Newchef2005
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1 Response May 10, 2012

i am fortunate to have a wonderful massage therapist who keeps my back in shape and my body out of pain ... she also love to help me dress up so when i have my every other week visit i always bring along my en femme gear and once the massage is completed she dresses me up and send me on my way .... driving from her shop to home about 40 miles away ... sometimes with makeup sometimes not