Caught Me And Taught Me..a Summer To Remember

I was a 16 yr.old boy and bored . So my mother sent off to her sister's ranch , a day and a half away . A place I've never been to , a part of family Ive never met . Waiting at a rural bus stop I was startled the voice of Aunt Rebecca"Isaac honey you've grown so much , do you remember me ? Auntie Becky ! I think I was 6 or 7 I last saw you . After a big ,long hug , auntie says follow me to baggage . OMG I don't remember Aunt Rebecca 's smoking hot body . Platform sandals , tight wrangler cuffed at the knees jeans and tied at the waist yellow blouse .Her jeans had no back pockets and the roundness of her cheeks showed no pantie line either. A 20 min. bumpy truck ride to her ranch was incredible , watching h er breast bouncing in her blouse that buttons not made to hold close At the ranch Aunt Rebecca told me to sleep in Cassy's room as she won't be home til Saturday and it was only Wed. That night in cousin Cassandra's was an eye opener . Looking at pictures of Cassy at different stages of growing up . A killer sexy body curvasious just like Aunt Rebecca's .For two nights I checked out all of cassy's sexy clothing like cutoffs, denim mini's ,dresses , tops ,lingerie, panties ,and her many unbelievable 36D bra's The next day checking out the barn I entered a small storage room and found an old trunk ,and a stand up mirror.Looking in the trunk to my surprise , it was full of vintage under things , everything vintage , corsets , girdles (open & closed) slips , incredible underwear and bras , waist cinchers ,and 2 long wavy wigs wrapped in newspaper , every shade of seamed nylons , even satin bedroom slippers . Being alone I undressed and tried on a closed bottom girdle and corset . Standing in front of the mirror adjusting the wig when I heard "That's not how you're suppose to wear those " Turning with shame and shock on my face in view of cousin cassy , I heard the clicks of her cell phone camera .
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Oh my!! This is going to be a wonderful story!!

So what happened after you got caught??? on

That would have been humiliating and wonderful at the same time.