Pretty Please!

I am a very successful professional in public but at home my wife is completely in charge. My wife makes me wear panties as a sign of who is in charge. On the odd occasion she will have me put on a bra, stockings, skirt and blouse and do the housework. However, this is very rare. I have a fantasy in which she would come home with a girl friend. She would be unhappy with the way I did my work so she would have me stand in the middle of the living room. Then she would order me to pull down my pants. I would be mortified and hesitate. This would only make my wife madder and she would ask me if I wanted to be spanked in front of her friend. I would quickly pull down my pants exposing my panties. My wife's friend would laugh out loud, making me turn very red. Then, in my fantasy, she would ask my wife if I wear any more girl's clothing. My wife would tell her I have a whole selection. Her friend would then tell me to go get some more clothing. I would shuffle out and return with bras, stockings, skirts and blouses. The two women would take turns dressing me in the different outfits, laughing hysterically at the results. Then it would get a little more serious when her friend would say my panties don't go with my outfit. My wife would send me back to get my panty collection. Now her friend would tell me to pull down my panties. Again, I would hesitate but the look on my wife's face would soon have me ******** naked in front of the ladies. Her friend would see my tiny peepee (see photos for proof) and fall into a laughing fit. Then, for the next few minutes she would have me model all the different panties, finally settling upon one she really liked. The rest of the evening I would be dressed as a girl waiting upon my wife and her friend.
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I love when my Wife takes the panties she is wearing off and tells me to just weasr these. This happend the other night. She sent me to my panty drawer and I played around in there a little too long for her liking and she said - well, if you can't decide - You get to wear my dirty ones! She ******** the off and held them open for me to step into. They were warm and wet in the center. She laughed and told me to get into bed!