Fantasy Came True!

5 years ago, a lady friend I had known for 25 years, became lovers. I confessed to her I had always been TV and my wife didn't know and didn't like TVs. Rather than be horrified as expected, she said she would like to see me dressed and made up. A while later she made me up and dressed me, and although I would not have passed, the result, i thought, was very good. The strange thing was, she thought the whole thing may revolt her.Instead the further she got into the dressing and make up, the more turned on she became. We ended up making passionate love and both experienced fantastic *******. Unfortunately this experience can only happen rarely, but when it does, the result is explosive. My lover is now very TV friendly.
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6 Responses Dec 12, 2012

What a lucky guy!

Just goes to show that if a woman would "allow" herself to be open to feminizing a male...she might just enjoy it! So many women tell themselves it's not for them before even trying. Darn shame!

I couldn't agree more.xx

glad you found someone to dress you

Thank you for your kind comment..xx

Thank you for your kind comments. I'm so glad you appreciated it. xx

What a wonderful story and also a very happy ending.

Glad you had your fantasy come true