I Wish

I wish I could find a girl to dress me up all girly and do girly things together
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5 Responses Jan 24, 2013

Sounds fun. It would be easier and probably turn out better than picking out things and doing makeup, etc on my own.

It's definitely another item that only emphasizes the masculine features for me. My brow, especially, makes it impossible to do anything casually. It would take more skill and time than I have.


I like the way leggings feel and i really like wearing tight fitting clothing...i have worn thongs before and like the way they feel...i think could be dressed to look like a cute girl, but need some help...i think it would be fun for a girl to dress me up good enough to pass as a girl at a bar or other public place...just think it would be fun to be a girl for a day..i would even shave my legs to wear tights...actually i wear thongs every day, i just like the way they feel, i shaved the other day, so i am nice and clean, so i am almost a girl already, shaved my legs even...and trimmed the nether region..not sure if i could wear a bikini, but maybe...i just think being a girl for a day would be soooo cool and want to do it

same here

same here