Being Dressed As A Woman By Another Woman

                             it would be so nice to be in a relationship with someone who was not affected by your wanting to dress as a female and would help you do it. That would be like living on cloud 9 all the time. Samantha

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my sister and her friends took a picture of me as i was getting out ot the shower....the little **** (i love my sister), but the little **** took a pic of me naked and threatened to show it to her friends if i didnt dress like a girl for a day...they had taken all of my clothes from the bathroom, so not sure what choice I had... i tried to run to my bedroom, but she had that locked, parents were gone for the day, so it was just me and my little sister and her 3 friends...after they chased me around the house for a while, my sisters friend Dani, finally said they should give me some underwear, so her friend Chris gave this tiny lttle least it was this point I knew i was beat, and just had to give into their i just sat in a chair with my tiny little thong that at least covered some of me...then they proceeded to put mascara on me, i had to close my eyes for this, big mistake, this is when the duct taped my ankles to the chair and tied my hands to the back of the chair so fast like they were little Ninja' this point i was getting a little scared, not sure if my parents were coming home soon, not sure if I wanted them to see me like this, just wasn't sure what I wanted....i was ok with giving up a little control of the situation, that kind of turned me on, but giving up all control kinda sucked...i was tied to a chair and pretty much immobile...i pleaded with my sister to let me go, and I wouldnt say anything but her older friends kind of shut her up..then sara stuck a pair of panties in my mouth, and I couldnt talk...thats when my siter left saying this was wrong and didn't want to be a part of it...i was like "****" now what are they going to do...was my sister going to get me some help, or what....what would help look like, if my parents saw me like this they would probably blame me....then chris took out a bottle of nair, the three off them rubbed my whole body with it, dani cut off the thong, so i was now complletely naked...sara said lets drag him to the bathroom and clean him up so they now I was naked, tied to a chair, and completely hairless from the neck down....dani took a scissors and placed it around my penis and said, do as i say...sara and chris then proceeded to make me up as a girl....they did all the makeup, did my hair, used hair extensions to make it good, they made me wear tights and a dress, and made me walk around town for a while...have to admit, i kinda looked hot.

..they took a lot of pictures of me through the process...and they promised not to share if I dont tell on them...have to admit in the end, it was a bit scary, but it was kind of fun


you could dress me like ya want

I hope you get the chance. I did. it was and is, fantastic.

hugs and kisses, Emmajay.

YES! this would truly be wonderful!

I had a girlfriend that dressed me all of the time, it was great, but we are not together anymore... She really liked it, as did I of course. There are women out there that like this, difficult to find, but they are there.

Although I had started to dabble with crossdressing at a young age (7 - 9? don't remember I was pretty young then), what kicked me over the edge so to speak was an evening drinking with my now exwife and her roommate. My ex is built like a sex hotrod, and her friend was a fox, but flat as a board up top. We got boozed, them more than me, I used to practice a lot. I had joked to the ex that if she wasn't careful she might come home to find me and her roommate trading pants. It was at the time something we'd say to talk about women. Like "I'd like to trade pants with her" or "So and so got caught by the cops at the park trading pants with his date" Like that. Any way, that started it. They got into a debate about weather or not I could actually fit in her pants. At the time I was like 5"8" and 110lb soaking wet. Robin was about my height so it wasn't rocket surgery to guess the outcome. Short story long - we did trade pants. I got and kept, ( we did trade) her pair of Rocky Mnt blue jeans with with the double button fly, size 5. She got the short end of the deal cuz she got some Wrangler Cowboy cuts that were worn thru in the butt and knees. The jeans I got fit so well, they were both nuts about it. Before the night was done, with the help of some "Thigh opener" (jegermiester) I had tried on all of her pants, and a silvery shirt that was very strange feeling. They put some other RMB jeans on me that had the zipper going round from front to back, a little (very little) make up, and we went out to the Casino's and then bars. It was a horny rollercoaster for all three of us. Dudes kept sending drinks, thinking it's 3 chicks, they'd ask me to dance and I'd make my voice deep and say no you're not my type, we laughed are a$$'s off. We went back to their place and made out, then Robin passed out and me and the ex had sweaty monkey sex. I'm sure that's what the trigger was because it became a routine, dress a little, go out, have fun at the stupidity of the average male, then do it. It wasn't getting hit on, that made it fun. Actually that happened quite a bit because of my build, and hair which to this day is almost to my butt. Guys get tunnel vision when they think they see a gal at the bar or walking down the street. I came close to getting my a$$ beat more than once before crossdressing because some guys get way embarrassed when they realized they have been checking out a guy. Course the fact that I sometimes found it a little too funny didn't help things. The ex and I continued this kind of thing almost till the end. Now, my new wife knows about it, but doesn't ob<x>ject, or care to participate. Which is better than a war every time something gets found in the laundry or closet. I have an old friend, a woman, who I have been talking to about going out for a girls night out. Still working on that. She'd ready help me get ready and to go now, but I'm 20+ years older since then and I'm concerned about what will happen when I get to laughing at the guy who sends a toddy or asks to dance. Likely get schooled this go round. Maybe a quieter venue, or Lesbian bar I know a couple who'd keep me out of trouble . . .

Hello there well I think that is how most of us feel about our situation.<br />
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i hear ya,tho i dont want 2 be forced in 2it,just have some1 comfortable with it<br />
i often feel like a lesbian trapped in a mans body,not sure how else 2 explain it

well I guess the best partof that is that you had someone that you trusted to do it the first time which would scare a lot of people.<br />
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Have you tried going to a Dominatrix?? A lot of these women specialize in "forced feminization". Go to Google and type in "forced feminization, dominatrix, (and then your city or state)." I've been to several in my city and it's pretty wild! You can bring your own clothes or they sometimes have a lot of sexy lingerie to force you to wear. Most like to role-play, like she'll be your Aunt and she just caught you taking some of her panties and now she's going to teach you a lesson!!!!! On your knees, panty thief! Put that garter belt on, NOW!!! You get the picture.

It's always my wish. Always.

es it would be a heaven. As Billinsav said, sadly that womans who are can enjoy this not joining our group.

To find a woman like that would be fantastic. To bad no women actually join these groups. But I guess we can still dream about it.

This would be my dream I long to be a lesbian

Yes! Samantha I dream of this all the time.<br />
xxx Bobbie

awww dont give up hope. you will one day find someone that will love you for who you are.

Oh that is way too frequent of a wish of mine also<br />
<br />
Samantha<br />

That would be nice