Mom Made Me A Girl

my mom brought me up as a girl, i was dressed as a girl and only allowed to do girl things. I played with dolls and only had the prettiest dresses she could find and of course panties or knickers as mum liked to call them, at 12 i was put into a private girls school where i was tought to act and behave as a girl. I wore very tight corsets and schoolgirl knickers which were very tight on my thighs, my uniform was very short and boys could see my knickers when i went upstairs on the school bus. At home i had to do all the things little girls do like help my mom around the house. Mom often took me to the park and I had to push my dolls pram around and mom would often call out my name which she changed to Lucy and told people I was her daughter. As I grew up I remained as a girl but was able to choose my clothes myself which was always dresses or skirts and girl underwear, I liked to pick my own bras and panties as they felt so natural on me, I now have a boy friend who loves me and treats me as the girl I am.

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I wish I was you

I am so happy for you. I have lived as a girl since age 12 and totally love being who I feel like inside. My bf says that I am more fem than the real girls he's dated; and that I make him feel
like a man.

I like the way leggings feel and i really like wearing tight fitting clothing...i have worn thongs before and like the way they feel...i think could be dressed to look like a cute girl, but need some help...i think it would be fun for a girl to dress me up good enough to pass as a girl at a bar or other public place...just think it would be fun to be a girl for a day..i would even shave my legs to wear tights...actually i wear thongs every day, i just like the way they feel, i shaved the other day, so i am nice and clean, so i am almost a girl already, shaved my legs even...and trimmed the nether region..not sure if i could wear a bikini, but maybe...i just think being a girl for a day would be soooo cool and want to do it

how do u hide your buldge u sound yummy

paula your story here is so very wonderful and i am wondering are cds allowed to attend private school dressed as the girls they were ment to be ? i have long drempt of such a dram coming true ?

Me tooincredibky hot story.

Was your mother a feminist by any chance?

Tell us how you met your boyfriend, he sounds nice. You're very lucky, hunni. Bet mummy approves.......

I dreamt about being treated like that all the time I was growing up. How much I longed to be put into pretty clothes and forced to go shopping. It would have been so nice to be taken to visit friends and relatives and have my mother tell them that her son has decided that he loves to wear dresses and wants to dress up as a girl. Thanks for your story.

i hear ya thats my dream even the name i wanted

Great story ... so what are you doing now?

thanks for all the replies, it seems there are lots of boys out there who would like to be girls, I think that all boys should be given the chance to wear girls clothes, they are so soft and pretty, I am really gratefull to my parents for bringing me up as a girl, as I am only 4'10" I had lots of fun being a little girl and mum would dress me so pretty and everyone would treat me so gentle and mum would say if I was a good little girl she would buy me a new dolly or dolls pram and it would be great going to the park and showing the other girls my new stuff. Once mummy bought me a new white cotton party frock with matching panties and white ankle socks with pink frills on them and white strap on shoes, I wore two pink bows in my hair witch matched the bow on the back of my frock and everyone said what a pretty little girl I was. At home mummy would sit me down in front of her and comb and plat my hair while I played with my dolls. If I could I would make it a Law that all boys get a chance of being a girl just to show them how nice it is.

that's the sweetest thing i've read! let's make it a law (or at least an option...girls clothes feel so nice and natural

You had the mother we all wish we had.

Just a lovely story. Every girls dream.

Did the school KNOW you were a biological boy????

yes it was a private school owned by mums freind and they did everthing to engourage me to be a girl, I wore a schoolgirl uniform, schoolgirl knickers they even supplied tampons for my periods as it was an all girls school.

What a wonderful mother

like i said before, you should be SO totally grateful (& yes, I am among the jealous) look how FANTASTIC you turned out!!!

Wonderful I love this stroy

That truly is awesome, I could only wish for my mom to do that for me.

don't u think that u did't have the choice th grow up as a boy u would like it too

no, as I did not know how to be a boy as I cant remember ever being one, mum had regersterd me as a girl from birth

wow if i had a mom like that i would be happy today instead of alone wish you the best as your truelly 1 of the few lucky ones . michelle

hi mich, sorry to hear your alone, why dont you ask your mum if you can be a girl, dress up as one and tell her your unhappy being a boy im sure she will understand. You would love being a girl, its great,

you are a very lucky girl ,i could only dream of this happeninig to me

Well I guess everyone has already said what I was thinking. You are lucky with being brought up as a girl. You have a wonderfulboy friend. The only thing you did bot say was ....If you are happy as a girl. Or did you want tobe a boy? What are your honest thoughts? Please tell me. I am Honestly interested...Solina

im really happy for you, jealous but happy for you.

I too was raised as a girl. It was great!! Read my stories you will see All my life girls sought to crossdress me in dresses.

Same Here

wow wish i had a mom that did that to me

So now that you have been raised as a girl what are you going to do when your boyfriend wants to have sex with you. Or have you already come to that bridge.<br />
<br />

LOVE the story. tho i dont want to be a girl 24-7 i am happy that you are and had this experience. CONGRATS. take care girl. (Paula)

Your a real lucky gal. I wish I had a mom like yours. All the best luck to you

wow well im happy for you =)