Domme Mom and Naughty Little Boy

i was dressed by my Mommy Domme (wife), in plastic baby panties, a leather collar and a t-shirt on many evenings when she would direct me to cook dinner and serve her. she was strict. if in the mood she would dress in a leather skirt and studded bustiere, and wear black high heels. so she could look down on me. she liked that, and would laugh at me. once she was in this mood she would make me pay attention to her every minute. it was very intense and exciting too.

i've written about some of my experiences and they're in stories / contributions on BabyJunior co uk. also have a forum going at care 4 baby dot net.

happy to share with anyone who has similar experience or interests.


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Hi All !<br />
There are nearly 2000 views of this piece - and no comments. Are you shy? Or having fun? The stories on BabyJunior's website are not there (lastt ime I looked) but you can find 34 of my writings on EP - just looka t my profile.