Why I Want To Be Drugged And Abused

Many people have expressed disgust when they hear my fantasies of being drugged and used by men, especially groups of men. "Why would you want to be drugged?" they want to know, "why not be an active participant?" I am asked this over and over. I have finally figured out a way to kinda sorta articulate what draws me to want such a thing.

In a nutshell: I guess because I have strong inhibitions conflicting with a lot of perverted desires, the idea of not being fully conscious at first seems a way to break the barriers. But to know it happened, and to see pics/video of proof that my inner **** did get to play, would help me on that journey.

Also love the idea of the men feeling less inhibited because I'm passed out. I would love to secretly film what they did to me for my enjoyment later. Eventually I would want to participate fully and consciously in any group fun. But being played with while passed out is something that I would still want to do from time to time. There is something so risky and naughty about it that I can't help but get dripping wet when I read some of the stories of passed out wives/gfs. Maybe it is not as much of a turn-on for some to have a willing participant, but I think it would be cumloads of fun.

I would love to have a man that I could safely do this with. He would drug me and take me out to find men, but also make sure I didn't get hurt too badly and that I got home OK.
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Passed out girls are lots of fun... I've done lots of passed out girls... I always make sure they know I've done things to them, like leaving their panties off or bra undun. I wrote on one girls **** and by her ****... I wrote". I want to **** you" by her **** and"sex" on her ****..

Willing to help you with this fantasy of yours

I am glad you want to have a man there who will protect you from things getting to out of hand or you getting hurt. I also think you should explore the reasons you have those inhibitions and what may be the root cause of them?

You sound like a really fun woman. I wish my wife would let me set up this scenario. The more men the better but 2 - 4 would be just fine!

You sound adorable... I would love to take care of you the way you described here

I enjoyed it so much whenever I had my ex wife completely wasted on something and inviting kinky guys to **** her with me. She wouldn't pass out, but lose any inhibition. Ever time she'd turn into a total *****. I adore women that like to get high while having sex. ;-)

I think a lot of people would like to live this fantasy. It sounds to me like relinquishing all responsibility, not just sexual. You could be bound and gagged and used, but by being conscious, you would also be present. By being unconscious, you take no responsibility whatsoever other than agreeing to be unconscious. Whatever happens after that is just hot stuff that you can enjoy (over and over if you film it) without having to deal with the "Oh ****, did I really do that?" afterward. In German, they call it "just letting yourself freefall".

You explain this very well, good incite. I like your idea, love my wife done that way also. She is willing too.

Thank you! Glad I'm not the only one. Thanks for reading this.