Every one of us has experienced the pain of losing someone dear and close to us be it a death or a severance of a relationship. We deal with these problems in our own methods and our own patterns. A good number of us hide these problems on the inside and put on a facade of happiness and wellbeing to avoid the concern of others that deeply care for us just to spare their feelings. We put a smile on our faces when deep down we're hurting on the inside, wondering why and what we did to deserve this pain and try to be happy for those around us and those that caused the pain when, deep down, we want to turn back the hands of time to return to how we originally were... a point in time when we were happy. We yearn for the illusion of our dreams to become a reality and we begin to lose ourselves in the fantasies of what used to be. Every one of us has a struggle and you're not alone. Those caring individuals that are sincerely concerned for your well-being, those are the people to keep, to trust, and to let inside. We can each be strong, but it's much harder to be strong alone.
jamie1292 jamie1292
26-30, M
Aug 21, 2014