"i Want To Be Even Closer To My Wife"

Through our interment relationship, which is based on trust and love, my wife and I get closer each day. People ask me, how can you share the woman you love? I answer with, "Its my love for her and our trust for each other that makes it possible for us to share sex with others. We feel closer to each other after our experiences because of the increase of our bond to each other through trust. If we had any insecurities or doubts about or marriage, then we could not share each other and our marriage would crumble". Its the sharing of her and the re-bonding that makes us so tight. There is an old Axum that I like to refer to, "If you love something set it free, if it returns, it is yours, if it does not ,it never was". Well if you love a woman share her, if she comes back, reclaim her, if she doesn't, you really didn't't have her to begin with.

Happy cucking
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1 Response Aug 5, 2010

I too believe very much in the fact that only if you love your wife, you can share her. When there is no love naturally husband/wife does not even bother to care about him/her, let alone the matter of sharing them with your friends etc. Sharing wife requires a lot of stablity and security within the marriage.