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Just Everything I'm Not

Everything I Want To Be &  Everything I Am Not =

GOOD, THIN(ner), STRONG (emtionally/mentally), smart, successful, beautiful, talented.... a winner, committed, hopeful, confident, outgoing, deserving, faithful, peaceful, clear headed, physically/emotionally stable, helpful, calm, grounded, aware, acceptable, balanced, sensible, flexible, fulfilled, ASSERTIVE, driven, self-controlled, organized, neat, capable, motivated, reliable, punctual, optimistic, persistent, enthusiastic, obediant, consistent, ambitious, content, cooperative, BRAVE, fearless, open, trusting, DECISIVE, focused, involved, positive, practical, careful, healthy, responsible, adaptable, progressive, adventurous........

Like actually worth something.... anything =[

Happy & FREE....

It seems like I just want to be everything I'm not. It actually kind of concerns me a little how quickly & naturally this whole list poured out. If I didn't have to go to the gym before it closes tonight- this post would probably be 10x bigger. I'll spare you readers of that!!!! So pretty much just flip all of these things around to their opposites.... and you've got me....
inhale123exhale inhale123exhale 26-30, F 3 Responses Mar 12, 2011

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regardless of what you are you are still one thing. a human, one that has feelings and desires and a constant want of more. Have no shame in that. We are all the same.

That's so true.... Fear runs my life. Seems like everything is do or don't do is ba<x>sed out of fear. So I guess that's what I'll begin to work past first! Feels good to know you believe in me- that I have the potential.

The only thing that stopping you is your attitude...your mental attitude...take one of your can nots and prove yourself wrong. I see someone who has amazing potential but is just afraid of the call it what it is...FEAR...just need to get past it and you'll have everything you need to be happy...and start to let go of what doesn't serve you...