Role Models, In a Strange Way...

The figures in my life who normally would be "role models" are not really such,$ in the stereotypical sense. They don't attempt to break out of their moulds, make a difference in somebody's life, or anything like that. Sure, they make a decent good living. Sometimes, these people show a truly malicious, cold and bitter nature, and i've seen them actively push away goodness. That really frightens me - so much that they've inspired me.

Yes, they've inspired me to be a better person than they are, to care more about others, to want to do something to help someone, something. I want to make something of my life, live it without regrets and die knowing i put a smile in someone's life. cheesy, i know, but true!

It can be hard to think that you could be any better than them, when they could be telling you even now what to do, say, think, feel and believe. They could be telling you that you're worthless, useless, a lost cause and only a drain on resources. But you must always remember that they could be wrong. So very wrong. Because when it looks like you're going down, and the world's just spinning off into the distance, you'll fight like hell, fight to keep from the cold and unfeeling state that you know is only a weak excuse of a life.

See, i think life wasn't meant to be a routine. Your "role model" not being quite the success story does not tell your future. The "miracles", the unexplainable, all that we don't understand and yet believe in, they prove that there's something more. The cynical may scoff at this, and declare that everything to be done has been done already, and so life really is just a routine on repeat. But, I don't believe that there's some higher power who gave us the ability to hope, think, reason and dream to taunt us. There's a reason we can do these things, and you know it. 

I really am interested in what you have to say about this. Pls tell me your thoughts!

BowsAndBones BowsAndBones
18-21, F
May 15, 2007