Your wish is my command

I do have someone in my life who I want to be everything they've ever wanted.  I want to do whatever it takes, set aside my own needs and wants to please her, change whatever I have to about myself in order to be what she wants, give up anything and everything of my own for her.  I mean it not merely in the physical sense, though she is welcome to anything material I have, what is mine is hers, I mean it in a spiritual sense as well.  I have an almost painfully intense desire to devote my entire being to her, to belong to her completely, heart and soul, mind and body.  That sort of devotion is my dream.

And if this is not what she wants, if she wants something else entirely?  Then I want to be whatever else it may be that she desires.

FranzJosef FranzJosef
26-30, M
Aug 19, 2007