It's All I Want

I know it sounds corny but, I think about it a lot. All I do is write songs and poetry. I play piano and guitar and I'm about to learn violin. Music is just in me. I can't go a day without singing. I have a youtube channel, but it takes so long to get views. I've had it for almost a year I think and I only have 56 subscribers. I am thankful for them, but I want more and I know I can do better. I'm shooting for what exceeds not for what's "okay" or "a good start".
My music is more than just random lyrics thrown together, it's my life and I want to share that with the world, because deep down I feel that something great will come out of it.
It's meant to be and I will make it happen.
Michellealone Michellealone
18-21, F
1 Response Jan 20, 2013

I share the dream sister, thrive on and right on with the right on. :D