Being Bigger Is Harder

I think what it is like for most people is that no one really wants to stand out and that well all want to be accepted. I can imagine that if everyone had big bubble butts and blubber bellies, we would all want to 'grow' [ :D ] with the crowd.
But since that isn't the case, the pressure to remain thin, fit and healthy is probably harder than ever. So to break that cycle, to be covered in a soft, flabby body and to not have a care in the world would take a very strong willed and strong spirited person. To be surrounded by people like that would be the greatest thing in the world to me.
And if the urge to become to become fatter but the accusations of others to make you thin is making life hard for you, just remember that
"its your body"
"Its your life"
"That we can't please everyone" :D
"and that we are all human, we only live once, and even then only for a short period, why not enjoy it?"
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2 Responses Aug 8, 2010

Enjoy life...who cares if you're fat!

Hi panda :) i love your fat positive story so much. I imagine a world where no matter where we look we are surrounded by fat, happy people too. We smile at each other and give beautiful bellies a pat of appreciation when we see a special one we want to give some love to. We just randomly invite each other to go to lunch no matter where we see each other and enjoy the pleasure of eating together and watching each other eat. We all encourage each other to eat more so we can all be very fulll together. The joy of how your fat body feels, yes, outweighs lol anything that could possibly be negative. Anyone who disapproves can just be told to look away, while you waddle on your merry way feeling that delicious bounce in your belly and butt with every step you take. We are all entitled to be fat at the point in our lives when we decide it is right for us. So keep that joy and your lovely fatness and know you will always have encouragement and support from all your wonderful fat friends here ... :) sweet thoughts .. :) xoxoxoxox