Hi!!! This is my first shared post and I am exited to tell everyone about my self. Before you read on if you are someone who hates gainers don't bother putting nasty comments cuz I ain't care!
Right were to begin.
•I am 24 and got married 3 years ago 'young love' when I got married I was 140 lbs. then I was uber fit and loved to stay active. We live in my apartment but he still owns his. After our wedding we went or our honeymoon to Florida( trust me best week of our life) anyway when we came back....

I had gained 2 pounds (not much but It was to me) and I felt sooo good
My husband was glad I was happy so began helping my habits improve until my thoughts changed and I became a gainer

Now I work in a tacky fast food store and have access to all the junk food I want I'm loving my belly it's so me!! My hubby try's hard to help me gain and love my belly he says I look so sexy and he wants me even more.i do feel I squish him in bed but he says he likes it!

I now weigh 200lbs my goal is 300lbs I hope you guys will help me get there! Hopefully with pig out Friday(a new idea inspired by my husband) I will gain quick please comment if you want to know what it is

Thanks for reading and understanding my urge to gain I dearly hope all you gainers out there are loving you jiggly flappy bellys

SherbertGainer SherbertGainer
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8 Responses Aug 19, 2014

What's not to love about my fat belly? lol

How long did it take you to get to 200 pounds?

That is wonderful. You had already made so much progress by then. What is your ultimate goal?

i know i love my jiggly flappy belly

And I love it too. :)

Awesome story :-)

I love you, this is so inspiring

It is wonderful you discovered gaining lifestyle and enjoy it with support of your hubby. I wish you to reach your weight goal and become fat happy woman.

Great story. I hope you get to300 as soon as possible.

Thanks :)