Love It:)

I don't know if i was ever "thin". As long as I can remember I was always able to look down at my belly and feel my thighs rubbing together... I know i used to wonder what it was like to be tiny, but a couple of years ago I stopped. i finally understood that I was fat and I liked it!!

Today I am almost 15. I weigh approximately 350 pounds. I have 6 fat rolls covering my back and stretch marks all over the place!! i don't think I could ever be happier:)

I want to be sooo much fatter!! By the time I graduate i want to weigh 600 pounds!!

I love being fat:)
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So do I hon ,there's no better way to be ,and I sincerely hope you reach 600+ lbs , for that matter so do I ! (lol)

I would love that to i love eating and It seem natrual for me to be fat . so hey keep it up I your want to be happy but be sure to exersise and balance heatlhly and non healthy foods an eat tons of them and be sure that they have alot of calories

You can do it!!!

add me! sounds like youre quite the curvy girl! :)

mee tooo!

I like being fat also. It is so wonderful to feel my big fat belly and thighs. I too want to be fatter. My goal weight is 300 pounds. I am only 213 now. I am five feet tall. I figure in one year if I can gain 7 or 8 pounds a months I will be my ideal weight, but who knows, maybe I will want to be even fatter then!

good for you give me a text i ya need something anything

Keep gorging that sexy, fat face full of food! :)

I wish you that you will reach that goal. You'll look amazing as the 600 pound-prom-queen! ;-)

yeah I would like to see that you date is so lucky

600 pounds will look amazing on all of us! :)

How big we're you when you were 13


Beautiful! Wish I was that fat and getting fatter! :) ( o)

I need some encouragement too! he he

You can do it! Time to get huge!!! :)

I believe in everyone's ability to get fat...You can DO IT!!!

Good encouragement!

yes thats so true

well work on it and have fun

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Our experiences are the opposite. I've always been thin and wanted to find out what it was like to be fat.<br />
You were the opposite, except you learned to love being fat.<br />
I was always attracted to bigger females, but instead of accepting being thin, I finally decided that what I really wanted was to find out what it was like to be fat.

well then go for it!!its amazing

Yes it is!

same here

Thats a great weigh goal for graduation:)

that's what my best friend said!!!all i need now is some encouragement....(hint hint)

You can do it! And we'll get fat along with you!

yeah though mines has to be natrual as to no to worry my parents because I love them dearly but i four years I an do it for real

Could you please add me to your circle?

mee too

sounds like a plan(to both things:)

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