ever since i was 7 i was bullied of being so skinny im a gainer now and need tips on what to do for a nice plump belly
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I was in your same shoes but it was high school for me! Try to balance out the helathy foods and unhealthy foods, but make sure they pack alot of calories.

Exersise helps keeps mobilty and I here girls like a sumo guy

Eat everything
Ice cream

Be careful, lad. I was once where you stand. That was three whole people ago. Seek the dojo, if you've the sand. If you're effeminate, then try weight-lifting at a gay-friendly or COED gym. (Even if you're straight. The point is not to get your *** kicked.) The muscle boys are way into packing on the pounds the right way. Just ask for a modified program, unless you choose to go whole hog, by getting ripped.

yeah man be careful