mmm that would be great. to bad my bf would never be into that
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if my wife told me she wanted that I'd be all over it

I would and could help you with that too,, working out the details

best thing to do is get him REALLY turned he's virtually begging for you to touch him. then ask him. you'll get anything you want ;)

Yea, that's the best ;)

Time for a new Boy Friend!

Anal or vaginal ?

Take it from a man. if there 2 insecure to even discuss, cut your losses move on, and up, never sell down, your ownly betraying yourself !!

Yeah it def does not want 2

Ask you bf can you do it for your bday

Yeah. Its a fantasy that I know will never happen.

Did not think that was your kind of thing<br />
<br />
Btw I think it's called spiteroast

Thank you

Yeah that could be possible

Eyes it could be that he is afraid that another man might be able to show him up , or that you would like sex with the other better. He sounds as if he has an insecurity problem and is unsure of his masculinity. Pretty common for younger males. Master1A

Guys need to be educated. mmf is the best. Licking a girls ***** from underneath while she's being ****** from behind is just so beautifully naughty. Taking her from behind while she's in my lap and sucking another guy gives me the best **** show ever and she likes me to kiss her neck and cheek while she's making love to another ****. I've tried mff and it is great too, but doesn't hold a candle to mmf. To those jealous guys out there, we're talking about sex, not love, you should worry about who your woman works with or travels on the bus with everryday, they might steal her away, but don't be jealous of who she *****, just insist on being there. To those guys who don't believe they are good enough for their women, either you aren't in which case you'll lose her anyway or you are, in which case your worries are unfounded and will make you sick and crazy.

HAHA yeah. Well atleast he somewhat sounds interested. My bf just shoots the idea down. He is like that will never happen. Yeah some guys do worry about that. Just gotta keep reasuring him that its not gonna happen.

That would be great. I am slowly working him up to the idea. I think he is starting to realize that I really want to do it. He's self-conscious, he's afraid that if I like it more with the other guy I'm going to leave him. I wish he'd realize it would never happen.

we gotta double team them lol

My husband isn't into it either, but I am trying my best to talking him into it. Good luck with your bf.

You need two new boyfriends, maybe even three!

i asked already lol he said he wasnt.