My First *********

I'm a bi Air Force member who travels a lot for my job. Whenever I get to a new area, I always look at craigslist in hopes of a nice **** to suck and potentially bottom for (rarely happens).
Well last night, when I got to my temporary duty location, I found a guy and we met at his hotel I gave him some head and he shot a 4 day old load in my mouth.
Today he invited me back, but with 1 difference, he had a friend with him. I've never had a ********* before, but have often fantasized about it. So I went back over.
Both men were well endowed, 7+" and thick. I had them both lay on the bed and worked on sucking on one **** while ******* the other, going back and forth. Before too long, the one guy got up and went to get the lube I had brought me with me. I'm kneeling on the bed, sucking his friend off while we start to lube up and relax my ***. He then started to feed his hard **** up my *** while I was sucking his friend off, it was the most amazing feeling ever. He then reached around and started to stroke me off, before too long he blew his load in my *** while I was still sucking off his friend, before I knew it, his friend was feeding his *** down my throat as I was blowing my load on the bed. Wish I got to see these guys more often.
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5 Responses Jan 12, 2013

Sounds like its not too hard to find guys to be a bottom for.


i had this chance a while back , your story sure makes me wish i had taken it !

that's a dream of mine,your story got me hard as a rock

Fabulous sweetie