THEY Both Gave Me Head

The Neighbors son
My name is J, I'm 36 years old, 5' 5", Brunette, blue eyes, 125 pounds with 34 breasts. I like to wear very revealing clothing when I go outside.  I lounge around in my back yard with nearly nothing on. My husband built our back yard to be very secluded from our neighbors because we like to run naked and make love in our pool. Because of our privacy, I often find myself sunbathing in the nude.

One day while I was lying out, I noticed that the neighbors kid (Sam) was trimming their trees along the fence. I caught him looking over at me every chance he got. I felt embarrassed so I ran into the house to put on my swimsuit. I didn't want to be lying around naked while this kid was able to see me.


As I continued to lay out, I couldn't help noticing how mature the neighbor's son had gotten throughout the years that we have known them. He must have been 18 now. He said hi and I responded with a smile. He talked as he trimmed the trees. He said that he was sorry if he caused any inconvenience with my sun bathing. I told him that it was no problem. We talked and by the time he was done, I invited him over for a drink and asked if he wanted to use our pool to cool off. He jumped at the opportunity immediately. We have a speedo policy as the longboard shorts that guys wear usuall are dirty and are used as everyday wear, besides I do like to look at the visible penis line that a man has, Women are lying when they say too much information, bull **** they are just jealous, PENIS ENVY AND MEN  HAVE FALLEN FOR IT.

The next thing I knew, he was in the speedos that we keep for guests he put them on and promptly got a hardon jumped in the pool to hide his excitement. I couldn't help but notice his young muscular body as he swam laps back and forth. I knew this kid was making me hot and horny. I began to take a liking to this kid and began to invite him over during the week while my husband was gone to swim in our pool.

A month went by and all I could think about was the neighbor's kid. I became more comfortable with him and decided to start by lying out without my bathing suit top on. I could see him walking around with a hard on in his revealing speedos. I made sure that he would get a good view. I liked to seduce him, it made me feel like I was in high school again.

One day as I was swimming next to him, I lightly brushed my **** up against the kid and he immediately got a hard on. I knew he had one and I was trying to get him out of the pool so I could get a better look. When I sensed that he wouldn't come out, I went in. I surprised him by throwing off my suit and jumping in. I swam up next to him and told him that he should join me by taking off his speedos.

I sensed that he was shy so I reached down and removed them myself. Now we were both naked and swimming together. I got out to dry myself off and began to lie in the sun. He remained in the pool and didn't follow. I told him to come and lay next to me so we could talk some more. He slowly walked up the stairs and got out of the pool. I stared heavily waiting to get a glimpse of this young kids ****.

As his **** emerged out of the water This kid was uncircumcised as my husband is.  I stared at it as it swayed back and forth as he walked closer to me. He pulled up a lounge chair and lay down next to me. While lying there, he placed his towel over his **** to hide himself from me. I asked him what was wrong and he said that he was embarrassed to be uncircumcised. He said that he had always been embarrassed about his uncircumcised status and that he wanted to be like all the other men. I told him my husband was also and I loved them without hesitation, Sam removed the towel from his crotch and allowed me to get a closer look of his beautiful uncircumcised ****.


It was erect about eight inches with the **** head peeking out from under the foreskin. Golden brown hairs grew down his navel and flowed around his **** and disappeared under his balls. I told him that it looked beautiful, and asked him to show me how it worked since I knew nothing about it. He reached down and slowly pulled his foreskin back and forth over his **** head to show me how it worked. I was amazed as I sat there with my eyes focused on his young **** and my **** dripping wet.

He fondled my breasts like he was a kid in a candy store. I couldn't help myself, I lowered my head to place this kid's **** into my mouth and began to give him head while I held his foreskin down at the base of his balls. It was just like giving head to a cut ****, and again, it didn't feel as rough. As I continued to suck him, I pulled the skin back over his **** to feel his foreskin in my mouth. It was a great feeling for the both of us. He was ready to *** and I was enjoying the feel of how the foreskin rolled back and forth within my mouth. It was so easy tsuck an uncircumcised **** because the foreskin acts like a sleeve that just slides easily between my fingers as the head of his **** enters and withdraws from my mouth.

As I played with myself, his *** began to rise off the floor and I knew he was ready to *** so I quickened my movements and stroked him harder. It felt so natural being in my mouth because his foreskin was doing all the work. Immediately he exploded within my mouth. I tried to swallow it all but he came more than what I was able to swallow. He said that It was his first blow job and that it felt great.

I told him that his **** felt better in my mouth than any other **** that I have had, including my husband's. I wanted so badly to feel it in my ****, but I knew it would have to wait until tomorrow because my husband was going to be home in a little while. With that, he gathered his stuff and ran home.

I went into the house to take a shower before my husband got home, but to my shocking surprise, he was already home. He said that he had been watching us for the last two weeks, knowing that something like this was going to happen. He was not upset at all, in fact he said, that he wanted to talk about exploring other sexual avenues and that this was perfect. Something that he had in mind but didn't know how to tell me. I told him of my obsession with Sam's foreskin and how much I enjoyed it.  He too was interested with Sam's foreskin. He said that a foreskin was hard to find. We decided to have Sam together. The plan was to invite him over the next day and seduce him into our plan. I couldn't wait.

He arrived as I laid out naked and waiting for him by the pool. I grabbed him and lead him by the hand upstairs and into our bedroom. I pulled his shorts down and proceeded to give him head. He was erect and dripping when I pulled off and told him that my husband and I have an open marriage and that he had agreed that we saw each other only with his presence. His mouth dropped wide open and said that he had never been with another man before. I told him in order for us to continue, we had to accept him in. With that, he finally agreed.

I told my husband to join us and he immediately told Sam that he was experienced with ***** and that he could teach us both everything there was to know. Sam eased up and gave my husband the O.K. to explore his ****.
My husband got Sam so hot that Sam started to explore his  ****. He stoked it and sucked it while I sucked on Sam

I sat back and watched the two of them go at it with one another. I realized that I have not had Sam's **** inside of me yet. My husband grabbed me and placed me on the bed. He instructed Sam to stoke himself before entering me. He wanted him nice and hard for me. My husband straddled my chest and shoved his **** into my mouth as he reached back and grabbed Sam's ****. He pulled his foreskin up as far as it would go and guided it into my wet and aching *****. He shoved the tip of Sam's foreskin deep inside of me at the same time, Sam thrusted himself deep within my ****. It went in easily and it felt great with his **** and foreskin inside me. I could feel his **** slide in and out within his foreskin as he ****** me. It was like natural lubricant.

I almost bit off my husbands **** as I started to ***. The feeling was so intense, I forgot what I was doing to my husbands ****.

We showered together that evening after our long day of sexual experimentations and it didn't end when we got into the shower. My husband showed us another trick that pushed Sam off the deep end. He pulled Sam's foreskin back off the head of his **** and applied winter mint tooth paste on the head of his **** and then began to stroke his foreskin back and forth over his **** head. Because the head of his penis was uncalloused and very sensitive, the coolness from the toothpaste made him rock hard and he came within a minute.


That was the beginning of our fabulous relationship. My husband and I both had our uncircumcised **** and Sam was never ever embarrassed about himself ever again. Every time he got a new girlfriend, I would see to it that she was prepared to satisfy Sam in the ways we did.

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Hot as hell. I gave head alongside a girl one time, haha we both got a facial!

great post

J you ROCK! Lucky Sam! You and your husband are AWESOME. Thanks for the hot story! I hope you both share more with us here!