Not Scared

I want to be unafraid.  I want to know that in any given situation, whether the outcome is death, that I can face it unaffected.  Similar, to the monk that set himself on fire.  I want to be able to accept fate.  I want to rely on Karma as my nullifier.  Now I don’t mean I want to be stupid I just want to be 5 years old again and not be afraid of the things in life that can harm me.  I want to be like the Samurai and face Death with honor.  I want to believe I am already dead, just my body is unaware of it.  Because without fear in one’s life can they truly be free.
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4 Responses May 28, 2007

You should ask Archangel Michael in order to "know no fear". The scary stuff will still be there. but it does seem to help. Death is not the answer.

It`s good to face your fear but hard to move with it. I think TD had many good points about courage and value. I guess you have to fight for what`s worth fighting for. <br />
It`s good to know what`s important `now`.

"Fear is the Mind killer. Fear is the little death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear and bid it pass over me and through me. And when it has passed i will turn my inner eye along it's path. Till nothing but I remain." Dune

I must admit I'm a little curious as to why you would want to believe that you are already dead - isn't that a false bravery then? True courage, to me at least, is knowing that you have things to lose, and understanding the risk, to be courageous enough to do what's necessary *regardless*.<br />
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But that's just my take on it, of course. I also believe that life itself is intensely and intrinsically valuable for the period of time that it is about, until it ends, so the idea of being dead already is somewhat anethema.<br />
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I did read something very interesting the other day about the value of embracing the reality of our unavoidable and imminent death every day. That rang true for me - if we are at peace with the fact that one day we will die, then all other fears fade, because the fear of death is truly conquered. It strikes me that by already being dead, the fear isn't so much conquered as much as just sidestepped through mental agility.