Miss Mcfearless

 There's a song by Kings of Leon and its called McFearless. It's about doing what you do because you love to do it and even though its trying and maybe it makes you nervous or scared to do- YOU DO IT CUZ ITS YOUR SHOW... It's your ******* calling.  


My show is just starting. I want to conquer, destroy, dominate, and thrive. I cannot be afraid. I cannot simply run away because I think people aren't going to like me, or accept me. I only have so few days on this earth and I cannot waste my precious time fearing myself... or the reflection of myself in other peoples eyes.


Now if only I believed that whole heartedly. Can confidence be taken in pill form?

Lillaen Lillaen
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4 Responses Feb 10, 2009

There are pills that reduce anxiety. I don't have strong emotions so I seem "cool" and can take risk. You don't want to be like me.<br />
Embrace the wonderful fact that you feel. You feel!<br />
<br />
Otherwise, push yourself to take a little step further each time and in no time you will be able to jump off the high board, cliff whatever...DD

unapologetic... silly me.

They're so raw and unalologetic; lol life fuel music.

love the kings