I Want This to Happen to Me

I love dancing the night away.  Many a time, a man and I would just click and I have secretly wished he would be bold enough to begin rubbing on me in some way.  I think it would be hot to find a way to accidently rub my boobies against him.  Or feel him 'accidently' touching my nipple. I'd enjoy feeling him grow hard as we do a little frottage right on the dance floor.

I'm going to find a way to make this one happen.  The music, the heat, the anonymity of it all...mmmm, enticing!

luvtoshowmyboobies luvtoshowmyboobies
46-50, F
4 Responses Sep 29, 2009

You can easily find this if you go out dancing, I'm sure many men will be eager to touch you in subtle and not so subtle ways. :)

agree whole heartedly

Got to love a woman who knows the word 'frottage'!

this will happen for sure, just go dancing, I can't believe it hasnt happened yet, guess I havent run across you yet...:)