I Don't Know What To Say...

Hello for those of you who might be reading this... It feels awkward to be sharing this with anyone but here I go.
I guess like most of you, I feel like I want to be a female.  I am currently living as a gay male but can always remember thinking i was meant to be female, and wanting to become one. ever since I was young I could remember asking my mom why I was a boy and not a girl and I would get the response that "that is what God wanted." No offense to anyone out there, but I think that is crap. I am so sad about it and feel so hollow sometimes, even though I might look happy on the outside.
I tried tell my mom at one point too about getting a sex change and she was not happy (putting it lightly) about that at all.
I don't know who else to talk to and I don't know what to do. I know I want to be a woman but I am so scared and afraid to lose my family and friends.
Is there anyone out there that can help?
Talk to you soon :/
sethfornow sethfornow
3 Responses Jul 25, 2010

I think you should be you. I think true friends and understanding family would accept you for who you are. If not what's up with that. I only like you if you be what i want you to be. Not a happy or healthy life. I would be proud to know you. Your not afraid to question what is. Trust your feelings.

Just know your not alone. Many feel like you and it is possible to change. If you are young the effects of taking hormones can be very impressive. Meantime enjoy dressing/ doing any feminine things that you like.

i know how you feel ,i have been wanting to talk to someone about it but most people i know are open minded .