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I dont want to be female, I am female. What I do want is to have the body that my heart needs.

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thanks vanessa for your courage, i feel the same but have only recently been able to move past the guilt that was allways there.

HI Jemmo O,<br />
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I have bee taking phyto estrogens which are nice and safe. I have a nice plumpness on my chest which is just starting to show through my tighter shirts. Love it!! Lovely to feel in the shower!!!<br />
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How are things going with you? By now you must be really feminized. Lucky you.

Whenver you need to talk I am here.

hi there..can i just say i have only looked at some of the comments you made and i love the way you think...you are a rolemodel to young people who feel like i do :)<br />
thank you for what you have said

Thanx Blas, you're a great guy, fun to talk to too:)

Nessa, you are a lovely lady, and I look forward to the day that your outside matches the inside so you can feel comfortable in your own skin.

Me too. My heart and mind know it. My body will follow at some point.

It's never to late, you have always been female, you just need a few kinks. I'm 28 and will be doing the same, anything I can do to help, let me know, we're sisters now, and we need to help all our sisters out, bye for now.<br />
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Dear Vanessa,<br />
This is just the way I feel. The woman inside me hates the image in the mirror she sees every day. Even when I am dressed and made up my relief is tempered by my prevailing male shape. I dream about my life starting again with the correct hormones sculpturing my external appearance to match the internal me.<br />
With love and understanding<br />