I'm Living As A Woman

I wanted to share my story, because I really believe I'm the luckiest guy in the world.  I've posted bits and pieces of this elsewhere, but here's the whole story.

I was never particularly interested in crossdressing, but a couple of years ago, my old girlfriend wanted to get me to dress up for her, and was really sneaky about it. She shared it with me afterward and I was amazed at how much planning went into it. She started by flipping through catalogs and magazines and asking my opinions on dresses the models were wearing. At first, my feedback was pretty half hearted and I really had no interest. She teased me about my ignorance and started explaining styles and colors and fabrics to me, and after each chat, we'd end up having sex (which was no accident, I found out).

After a while I started to get turned on any time we talked about clothes, and then her questions and comments changed subtly to things like "see, if you were wearing a black pencil skirt, this blouse would go perfectly with it". I pointed out things I particularly liked, and she listened and learned my newly found tastes. One day, after discussing a very pretty cocktail dress, she asked if I wanted to order it. I sputtered and stammered, but she was very encouraging, and even offered to find me accessories just like the model was wearing. I finally agreed, since it would be all in fun.

A couple of weeks later, she managed to get me to drink a few extra glasses of wine, and then when I was properly mellow, she whispered in my ear "guess what came today?" She brought out the dress (shimmery black halter with ruching on the sides), some Spanx (to help create some curves), shoes, and even clip-on earrings. I was beyond protesting, and she was excited as a kid on Christmas morning, helping me into everything, and even putting on some makeup.

Here's the really clever part (on her part) - we didn't have sex after that. She let me fall asleep all dressed up, and when I woke up the next morning, she acted like it was the most normal thing in the world. I felt weird, but her natural attitide and encouragement slowly made me relax. We had breakfast, read the paper, then she said, "you know, that's really more of an evening outfit. You need some capris and a nice tank top". And we started looking through catalogs again - that's when I was really hooked.

We eventually broke up, but she must have been sharing some of this with her close friend, because within days of breaking up, her friend started calling me to go out.  At the time, I didn't realize she knew my secret.  We went out a few times, and she would always pick the event, drive, and pay.  I protested a little, but she ignored me.  After a few dates, she made it clear that she was turned on by the thought of me being en femme.  Well, I didn't need telling twice, so I started dressing for her around the apartment.  That wasn't enough, though - she complained that even with makeup, I still looked 'like a dude in a dress', she suggested I take steps to pass as a woman full time.  This took a little convincing, but I decided 'what the hell', so I quit my job, and grew out my hair, shaved my body, started doing toning workouts, and grew my nails.  I even officially changed my name!

Then, we moved across town, and told our new neighbors we're sisters.  I got a job working at Dress Barn (how great is that?!?), and after a year, things couldn't be better.  I'm thinking about getting breast implants, though I'm not sure if anyone would to it outside of a TG reassignment process.  And since I'm hetero, I don't think the full TG is for me.  Besides, nothing so far is irreversable, so if we break up, I could still go back to being a man (if I wanted to).  But right now, I think I'd stay like this even if we did break up, although it might make finding a new girlfriend tricky.
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I think you would be Surprised at how many women are Accepting and Encouraging Men that are Feminine! Afterall, many women are Done with putting up with Macho men that Too Many Times Abuse them. I Truely believe the More Intelligent Women want to have Feminine Men in their lives!<br />
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Well, Lisachick, you may have noticed that other comments, not just on this post but on most others as well tend to be of a very supportive nature. I think it's great that people can come here to share not only fantasies, but secrets, dreams come true, and anything else they feel like sharing.<br />
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I think it's ironic that you're demanding respect for who you are without extending that same respect to others. Tell you what: I'll respect you if you respect me.

Thank you so much for sharing your story. You’ve done amazingly well for someone who has come to dressing comparatively late in life.<br />
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I agree that voice training is probably the most difficult aspect to master.<br />
<br />
However, other aspects of femininity also require vast amounts of practice such as walking – especially in heels. Lots of girls go for the highest heels they can get and end up walking with bent knees – another dead give away.<br />
<br />
Also most girls go for tight, form fitting skirts and dresses and accentuate their narrow masculine hips; instead of going for something with an A line or flare so that the eye is drawn away from the hips.<br />
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I commend you for the story and I’m sure that it will be inspiration to many.<br />
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Hugs<br />

thanks for the tip! i'll try it

to the holdmaster. as far as the best voice therapy training is probably called "MELANIE SPEAKS" by melanie phyllips. possibly you may find her material on google. i know they still sell her stuff. very good.

To theholdmaster, <br />
I quit work for a few months to work on my appearance (until I was confident I could pass), and I practiced my voice at the same time. Thankfully my voice isn't too deep to begin with, so it wasn't too hard. I watched a lot of soap operas, and tried to mimic the way the women talked. It's not just tone, but also the inflections and sentence structure that tends to be different from men to women. The tone is the hardest thing to achieve, and get consistently right. There are all kinds of training & hypnosis products and CDs to buy, but I think they're all BS. Just needs lots and lots of practice - its not something anybody can do in a short time.

I envy you so much for your occasion to live as a woman! But how did you manage to change your voice?<br />
I'm young and thin and I think i could pass as a girl, but my voice is terribly baritone.<br />
Could you give me any advice?

You are truly lucky, I admire you and your situation. What it must be like to even work at a place while totally dressed in femme clothes. Spectacular! Can't wait to hear more of your adventures.