I Want To Be A Girl But...

So the reason i cant or will have a very hard time is, well i waited to long. I'm 21 and my physical appearance is to manly. I am 6-1 and muscular from all my activities. like rock climbing and swimming. Also i have been balding slowly since 2009. is there anything i can do? please give me advice on my situation.
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You could always get a wig for the hair problem. Thrift stores and goodwill may be the answer for the clothes. My advice would be to be all the gurl you can be and as often as you can be and just keep growing into the gurl you can be.

I will be 35 in a few weeks and I am 5'11". The men in my family are very masculine, and I have been balding since I was in my early 20s. I have talked to my doctors as well as others and found that testosterone blockers will help stop and mildly reverse hair loss. Hormones will help reshape your muscles for a more feminism look. If your hair is still to thin you can even look into hair transplant and a lazer comb.

I hope this helps.

I agree with Freja. There are tall girls an as for the muscular build you can decrease it if you really want it. Plus you are young enough to take the time to achieve your goal. One of my best friends started her transition 1 year ago - she is 25 and the result is awesome. But it take guts, lots of ...

I have often had to remind myself that like men, women come in all shapes and sizes. My wife has absolutely no butt, so of course she is jealous of mine. I work out often, but I try to run more. I have found the cardio exercises help to keep me trim (which of course makes looking feminine easier). I am so tired of hearing from so many CD'rs that they think they are too masculine to look feminine. I think the problem is you (like so many of us) have this mental picture of what you want to look like, and when we get dressed up and don't look like we imagine it is very devastating. Keep practicing and trying new things. Check out Jessica Who on Youtube, she has a lot of great advice for all of us. After all, not all of us can look as good dressed as Amnesia Sparkles (even though we all would love to).