Amanda's Television Interview

I wanted to share a little fantasy story I wrote to my close friend Mandy. I've known Mandy for over a year now and I would love to see "her" experience life as a little girl some day, I hope someone else can connect with this little scene too.

It would be so perfect to be able to spend a year or more with you, working on you everyday, and seeing you becoming the little girl you've dreamed of becoming. My little ballerina, my daughter, my soft and dainty princess. If only we could make this fantasy a reality, and then have you dressed and displayed as a little girl while you're being interviewed for a TV show. All of the curious reporters and crew would be on hand to see you confess your deepest secret to the world.

I can just imagine your heart pounding as you sit in the guest's chair, facing the reporter in your prettiest dress, with me there on one side of you, and your doctor and therapist on the other side of you. As I hold your hand, I feel you shaking because you know that you're about to share this part of you with everyone...and let them see that you've become a little girl.

Here is one example of how this interview might go...

Reporter: Today we have a very special guest with us, who goes by the name Amanda. Amanda was born male and is now 22 years old...Today she is here to share her story with all of us. Hi Amanda
(the camera pans to you where you are smiling in your dress and knee socks, sitting Indian style on a small platform)

You: Hi there. It's so nice to be here with all of you today, and to have this opportunity to share my heart with everyone.

Reporter: So Amanda, You were with us once before, about 2 years ago, and you expressed a very deep and personal desire with us, which we are all now seeing the result of...

You: Yes, in your last meeting with me, I spoke about my very personal and life long desire to become a little girl. I always felt like such a sissy in school, surrounded by strong boys who I knew could easily tear me apart. I felt just like a helpless little girl in a boys body. I remember wishing that I could become a little girl and wear the prettiest dresses and bows. This desire grew in me so much and changed me in so many ways over the years. I found myself searching the internet for anything or anyone who could help transform me into a little girl. My deepest secret was to find a special man who would completely ***** me of my boyhood and turn me into a very soft and loving little girl.

Reporter: So how exactly have you changed over these last two years Amanda? What has happened recently that you want to share with everyone?

You: Well, after our meeting, a very special man contacted me and told me that he would like to help me realize my desire, and so sweetly offered to help me become a little girl. That man is right here beside me, and his name is Shane
(you take my hand and smile at me)

Reporter: Hi Shane. It's nice to have you with us.

Shane: Thanks, I'm glad to be here. Amanda and I have become very close during this process and it's nice to be able to share this with you.

Reporter: Amanda, Tell us how this desire began for you, and what led you to this moment right now?

You: Well, everything started for me back when I was a very young boy. I was a very fragile young boy and would often be frightened of the slightest things. The boys in my class would tease me and call me "sissy". I didn't mind their teasing because I knew they were right. None of them knew that I wanted so badly to wear pretty dresses and panties, and look just like a little girl for them. I would spend my days daydreaming about myself wearing the "girly-est" dresses ever made, and curtsying for all of those handsome boys who were teasing me. I wanted so badly to look and feel like a soft and beautiful little girl, and that desire has become stronger in me each year.

Reporter: So is this desire to become a little girl sexual for you?

You: I must admit that yes, it is. It has always been extremely powerful for me to imagine myself as a little girl. Since I was a young boy I have *********** while imagining myself being turned into a little girl and played with sexually. Shane has written so many powerful stories about me being "feminized" and objectified in so many ways...and they continue to touch me so deeply as I read them. My ************ has now reached a chronic level...and it continues to become more and more powerful for me. Even as I talk to you about this right now, I'm shaking and I feel the intense urge to touch myself, and show you all what this desire does to me.

Reporter: I know that a lot of this might be difficult for you to talk about, but I'm glad that you're willing to share this part of yourself with us and all of our viewers.

You: It is difficult to share all of this with the world, and I know that there are people watching this right now who know me and are shocked to learn this about me...but it's a part of me that I can no longer hide. My parents are finally coming to terms with the fact that their son is being turned into a little girl. It was very awkward at first but now I'm able to bravely stand in front of my dad, wearing a little girl's dress, panties and maryjanes and let him see what I've become, even though it always makes me cry. My family and friends have also seen and supported me in this...and they have supported Shane as he's worked on me. They all know how much it touches me to live my life as a little girl for him.

Reporter: And I see that you've also brought your doctor and therapist with you today. Can you tell us how they have helped you in your pursuit of becoming a little girl?

You: Oh my doctors and therapists have played a crucial role in helping to transform me into a little girl. Shane introduced me to my therapist a few years ago, and we both told him about my desire...and asked how he could help me. This was very unusual for him of course, but he so bravely accepted me...and I immediately was able to open myself up for him and share the most secret part of myself. He was soon able to see how badly I wanted this...needed this and he has helped me connect with the little girl I've known was inside me all of my life. It's so amazing to have him and Shane both there with me, seeing me become a little girl and helping make it happen.

The doctors who have been working on me have been absolutely amazing too. They have carefully examined every part of me, inside and out, and they have found special treatments for me which have really softened me up, and made my skin silky smooth. They have made me look and feel like the most feminine girl ever created! I owe so much to everyone who has played a role in this process and I want you to know that I love you all so much.

Reporter: Well, we can all see how happy you are now Amanda, and we know that you will enjoy a long life of pretty dresses, bows and all things girly. You are a special little girl and we want to thank you being with us today.

You: Thank you too, thank you all!

...and as you stand up to leave the studio, the male crew members and their sons come up to you. Their sons snicker as you smile at them with your hands folded at your mid section. As they laugh and point you just melt...reminded of your childhood as a boy and facing the tough boys. Your hands press against the front of your dress and you feel your penis standing fully erect under your cotton panties with lace trim. Nervously you say "You guys are so handsome and it's so nice to meet all of you!"...and in that moment, you finally experience the reality you had wanted for so long.
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Nov 29, 2012