Wearing a Dress Every Day

i would love to be feminized and i would wear a dress every day and go to work dressed as i should be. love phylisanne

phylisanne phylisanne
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I'm a man but I would love nothing more to dress as a woman everyday for the rest of my life. Im straight and I'm married and I would love for my wife to be supportive of my dream. Oh and I only want to wear dresses and skirts!

I would wear dresses every day if I could

i just ordered a dress on line and cant wait for it to come as it be my first one . but going shopping in a few days time to get more and maybe ask at make up counters what would colours should i use . roll on friday

I hope over the last year everything has worked out for you!<br />
<br />
<br />
take the step and 'JUST DO IT!"

You should work towards this - you'd be so happy to wear soft, feminine outfits and have girlfriends to work with who like to go shopping with you - so many pretty girls work in offices and like to spend their time shopping for feminine clothes.