To start off with, I was just like the average person going to college. We all have heard about from our parents, teachers, etc. in order to become successful in life, we have to go to college, get a professional job and earn decent income to be successful and secure our future.

I have gone to college majoring in Nursing. I did graduate Nursing School with an Associate's in Applied Science for Nursing, but the thing is I didn't pass the NCLEX-RN Exam which is a licensing exam for RN nurses. In fact, I didn't even pass the second time I took it. The only way to have a job as an RN nurse is that you have to be licensed as an RN.

As a result, my family just look at me like I am a failure. Even my parents said very hurtful words about me after the second time I took the exam. Because of that, I cried and cried until my tears are no more. Instead of continuing to live with my parents, I moved out of my parents' house instantly to start over my life. I left my house keys and my car key also. I also quit my pizza job that I have been working for 2 and 1/2 years.

After moving out, I have gotten a part time job close by my apartment. Then I started to do some research about wealth. I found out that wealthy people DO NOT work for someone else. Also, I found out that doing 40+ hours for 40 years and retire 40% of what you earned over the years AKA 40/40/40 plan doesn't work. You can work all your life, but you won't even make a million dollars out of that job.

The mainstream education has lied to us. Why is it that the mainstream education doesn't teach people about money. Did you know that almost all of high schools and colleges doesn't teach the young generation (myself included) about making money? And did you know that the education system has been set up to make you an employee, a worker or a slave? Do you want to work for someone else and building somebody's else dreams the rest of your life until you are retired?

In this economy right now, jobs are getting scarcer and scarcer. More and more college grads are in debt right now with no guarantee of a job after college. The jobs today does not guaranteed security nor stability.

So, I found a way to earn money and becoming wealthy just by working part-time. I stumbled on a friend of mine who called me about a business opportunity. As I soon as I saw the information, I knew this was a path for me to become wealthy and grant me the right to become financially free.

WELL TODAY is the day... that I want YOU to NOTE that I have joined 5Linx with Team Golden Global so that you can see my progress a few months from now... at which time, I'm sure you'll be impressed and will need help for yourself...

Thanks so much for reading this and... keep watching my progress!

Best Regards,


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Jan 14, 2014