I love being Finger ****** by a stranger in a crowded public place

years back while in a movie theater with some school friends, i had my first and only experience of finger *******. little after the movie started and the lights went off, a guy occupied the vacant seat to my left. he smelt of cigars which i love (remind me of grampa) and subconsciously i shifted closer to him. he too shifted closer, his hairy arm and knee brushing against mine. i tried to appear unconcerned feigning ignorance but i quivered when he placed his hand on my thigh. it felt nice when he gently started squeezing and slowly shifting it under my skirt. i almost screamed with pleasure when his rough hand touched and slided up my soft and creamy thigh. it was a wonderful never before sensation which made me deipping wet instantly. i just couldn’t resist and i simply lifted and hooked my leg over his completely spread out and inviting him to proceed further. he slid his hand up my thigh and started caressing my panties till he felt my wet *****. as he gently grabbed my ***** i spread my legs even wider enabling him to slide his hand under my panties and play with my wet *****. i moved my legs further forwards and leaned back as far as possible so he could push this fingers better and deeper into me. oh it felt so good that i started to thrust slowly on to his hand. he pulled his hand out and started licking my juices off his fingers and i detested it. possibly he could sense it was time for interval and soon the lights were switched on. i corrected my posture and leaned towards my friends. my best and most trusted friend seated just next to mesmiled  sheepishly at me indicating she knew what was happening and quietly assured me of secrecy. when the movie restarted while everyone was busy settling down, i quickly slipped out of of my panties, put it in my bag and we quickly resumed from where we had left. the guy virtually screamed with joy as his hand slided over my bare mound. being watched and nudged by my friend was quite a turn on and encouraged by her assured support, i spread my legs as wide as possible giving total access to his nimble fingers. the next one hour was possibly the best hour of my life being finger ****** by a man i didn’t atall know. he occasionally pulled out his fingers dipped in my juice and licked them. instinctly i reach for his hard **** which was already out of his pants and started playing with it. by now we both had positioned ourselves in the most convenient manner affording safe but full access to each other. luckily my trusted friend on my one flank and the vacant seats next to this stranger served as screens. the guy was shocked out of wits when in a sudden motion i put his shaft in my hungry mouth and he instantly squirted his full load almost chocking me. he tasted good and i quickly gulped the pulp. all my friends barring one sitting next to me really wondered when i said that it was the best movie i’d ever been to.
even today i love going out to crowded places in a short skirt with no panties hoping that a stranger may discreetly slide his hand under my skirt and finger **** me in broad daylight.
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That made me really wet!!!
Lucky you 😉😉
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I love your attitude!

That was so hot I really enjoyed it,If you like I've had both good and bad show adventures You are a good writer and a seductress

Awesome. Very hot!

I was in the mood for a hot story to get me off so I reread yours,bang got off like never before by myself, thank you thank you thank you.

Very hot story and a shame that it was also your last experience too :( It should be a daily experience ;)

really hot,loved your tale about your tail,wish they were my fingers.

Very nice, I think guys are scared of being arrested more in todays society than in the past . I wish I gre up in the 60's.

Lolita,<br />
That was a very sexy story. I love your hot and horny approach to take off your panties and spread your legs wide to get a good *************. Thanks for sharing and giving me a big hard-on. I'd love it if you'd make me your friend.

Yeah, damn hot story!<br />
I wish a nice girl would touch my hard-on in a public place in bright daylight, I would finger-**** her too...

I would love to get finger - ****** 😏

That story has got me absolutely rock hard! What a gorgeous sexual woman you are. I particularly loved the part where with "a sudden motion" you swallowed his ***** and he erupted in your mouth. Man that's hot.

Oh, I love that idea! Wish it would happen to me ..... more often

you have my whopper hard as a rail road iron, have you in my circle love foe you to add me so we could trade pics and chat, :)<br />
<br />
<br />
Whopper hope to be your friend xxx

wow hot

wow. well written story. love to have been the guy with his fingers inside your beautiful wet *****. xxx

What a lucky guy. No doubt he's replayed that movie a couple of times in his head.

so... how does a girl find a guy like that???<br />
great story, thanks for sharing!

I loved that story. Love that you got so wet and needy. I will surely look for a girl like you. I imagine you were pretty young when you did that. Very hot!

Wonderful little tale of dirty fun darling! I'd love to get to know you....but WAIT...then I wouldn't be a stranger....damn.<br />
<br />
Alex in Canada

Good one Alex

I've fingered my wife in public, but never a stranger because I figured she'd scream and I've have to high-tail it out of there or get busted. Wish more girls were as open-minded as you.

WoW! u r SO ******* beautiful! id luv to be allowed to fondle ur body in a darkened theatre while i jacked off. i luv ur big ****! my **** is so hard for u!

Very hot story...Lucky man and lucky girl

Lolita, I will probably get into trouble now because every time I see a beautiful girl in a crowded area I will caress her ***** just in the hope that it might be you. Or we could becum friends.

Your story made my ***** so wet.

If it was me, I'd have rubbed your juices all over my face and then sucked them clean and put them back for more! Such a HOT story!

hope you meet me as a stranger Jack

Makes me touch wood.