Stranger Finger ****** My ***** And *** In A Cab

it was a wild and wet night and very late when i was drunkenly waiting for a cab/taxi at a rank. the guy in front asked me where i was going, it was same direction. when cab came he offered to drop me off on his way home.
i got in and we were getting on well and laughing and i was so horny, my g-string was going up my ***, so i casually stuck my hand up my dress to fix it. i noticed it was sopping wet, and could smell my sex. The guys eyes bulged (and his pants!) and we locked eyes like wild animals. i opened my legs wide and he put his hand on my thigh and pushed back my g-string. he rammed his middle finger into my **** and called me sexy ****. i moaned loudly and saw the cab driver eyeing me in the rear view mirror. i gave him a dirty smile. two fingers explored my wet and hairless ****. the juice was oozing out all over his hand. you dirty wet **** he groaned in my ears. this made me beg him to put his hand up there. a third finger then a fourth were rammed into my gaping wet hole. he moaned and i came. i gushed more love juice than ever before, it was spurting out of me, i could feel the deep heat in my fanny and then he shoved a finger in my ***, i groaned lightly. the cab driver was breathing heavily too.
i begged the dark eyed stranger to put another finger in my ***, he shoved it in and pumped my ***. he said you are the dirtiest wettest ***** i ever knew. i exploded again.
i went for his ****, he pushed my hand away and said i just want to feel your juice dripping out of you.
the driver moaned. my smell was all over the cab.
the stranger said he lived around the corner and got out.
the driver didn't move off. he said what do you want to do honey.
i knew he didnt want to make the first move cos he could get in trouble, it being his cab and so forth.
i said i want you to **** my slutty litttle *****. he said he didnt have protection so i said then finger **** my hot ****.
boy did he do that. i came and spurted all over the back of his cab.. and he sniffed and licked his fingers and said you have the wettest **** ever. i said ive only just started. i pushed his head down there and he had a huge tongue, he licked it all up like a big dog. he licked and sucked hard on my **** and i sprayed him with my **** juice and i came again. i was screaming the loudest id ever done. and then he turned me over and pushed his thumb into my *** and pumped it hard with his tongue up my ****. till i was sore and begged him to stop, but this was like after i had ten *******! i never had a night like it! wish this happened after every night out. i love being finger and assed ****** more than being ******!
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Nawty girl

That sounds great!

That really hot! !!! I so wish that would happen to me if I was a cabbie

Wow! I'm hard as hell just reading your story. I wish i was the stranger ;-)

love it