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I Want My Wife To Fist Me.

I finally did it. Update, this last Friday night, I kept telling my wife she does not do as I ask her to do and would REALLY LOVE for to slide her entire hand deep inside me. She as got as much as 4 fingers in me and a few times slid a rather large vibrating ***** in my ***.
I work about 2 hours away from my house and this usually gives me a lot to think and to text back and forth with her, I drive down side roads with very little traffic, if any at all.
Well, she told me she would TRY to give me what I have been asking for for several months now. I told her I would get some latex gloves because she does have fairly long fingers nails and I didnt want my *** tore up by them,lol.
I got home, I ate some dinner went to the bathroom and throughly clean my ***, I didnt want her to get nasty *** and turn her off, lol. I jumped in the shower and as I was showering I as ROCK HARD thinking of my wifes hand deep inside me. I finished up and came out of the bathroom. I saw she had the latex gloves on the bed and the KY jelly next to them. I was again rock hard. She told me she wanted to take a quick shower and she would come to bed. As she showered, I had so many thoughts of her doing this to me and I couldnt wait for this to all go down. She FINALLY came out and she came to our bed. She had a devilish grin on her face as she opened the box of gloves. She put one on and held her hand up, so I could see what was going up my ***. I was so excited I couldnt contain it anymore. She dropped her pajamas and got on the bed where I was already laying. She got the KY jelly and generously got it all over her gloved hand. I asked her how she wanted me. I put one leg and either side of her, so I was spread eagle in front of her, for easy access to my ***. She started with my rock hard **** and started stroking me. She got it good and slippery and then went to my wanting ***. I took over the stroking, as I felt the 1st finger find its way inside me. It felt so good. As she worked this finger in and out, I felt her slide the 2nd finger in there. I was so excited thinking of her FINALLY doing this to me. She kept working the 2 fingers in and out until I felt her 3rd finger slide me, beside the other 2. She asked if I knew how many fingers she had in me and I quickly told her 3. She asked if I felt ok and if I wanted her to continue. I of course told her YES, go all the way, lol. Then I felt the 4th finger inside me. I knew she could easily slide her entire hand in me because I had played with bigger things alone and they all fit up there but just the thought of her hand up there, really excited me. She then told me she was working on the 5th finger ( thumb). I could start to feel more pressure as she pushed and pushed, trying to get the widest part of her hand inside me. I told her to push harder and I would continously try to reposition myself so I was in a better position to get the full force her pushing. She almost seem to want to stop, when I told her to take out her hand and try to turn her hand back and forth as she pushed. I HOPED this would work because I could see she was getting tired but she also wanted to satisfy me. I could feel her hand moving back and forth as she pushed and I could feel her hand go in more and THEN, I felt hand push and got over the biggest part of her hand and was ALL the way in. I couldnt believe HOW GOOD it felt. I was SO EXCITED at this. She then got her 2nd wind and really started to fist **** me. I would tell her to take her hand out completely and reinsert it, just so I could feel my *** open up for her hand. She continued this for maybe 10 minutes and I asked her if she wanted to stop, so I could **** her really good now. She told me NO, she wanted to see me finish myself off as she *** ******. I was SO IN LOVE with her at that moment. She thought of only me and wanted to see me throughly satisfied. So I grabbed my **** and really pumped it. I could feel myself starting to *** right away. I was in heaven and I wanted to *** NOW. I felt the build up and my balls swelled up and pushed the biggest load of my life out, that I could remember anyways , out of my ****. It wouldnt seem to stop. It kept ******* for maybe 30 seconds. She took her hand out of my ***, wiped up a lot of *** and reinserted her hand up my *** with my own ***, as the lube. It was so warm and hot. I didnt want it to end but my *** was getting a little sore by now.
onehubby onehubby 46-50 5 Responses Jul 13, 2012

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so hot !

I wish my wife would do this for me!!

I love getting fist ******! This story got me hard and desperate for a nice fist.

Fantastic story. Made me want to feel her hand myself.

Thanks, I have only been able to get her to try this 1 other time because she seems to not like to do this. TOO BAD, it really does feel FANTASTIC.