I don't want it to be slow. I want to be tied down and have hands forced into my tight ***** and *** and ******* me while I cry and scream. No mercy and it continues until they're satisfied
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7 Responses Dec 5, 2012

Well that can be arranged too......I have a video posted on the internet of a mistress punch ******* me all the way in and all the way out as fast and as hard as she can......It is a rush!!

******* is very exciting to me. I have fisted for over 20 years.. I was fisted by a girlfriend who also loved to be fisted.. I'm straight but am addicted to a female working me over real good. I also love to fist a willing female and am very gental and not into causing any pain....dont want to brag, but am very experienced and was ******* before ******* was cool .......

would be glad to help you out in fact all of us would like to be there to taking turns ******* you

Let's have at her.

I would ream that ***** with my fist and then shove a huge bottle up your *****!! Look at my pics!!

I'd do that:-)

I would love to tie you to a table so I have free access to your tight ***** and ***. Then I will proceed to slap your *** and ***** then I will force my hand into your tight ***** and listen to you whimper and I continue to push my hand in side you. You have no choice but to take it, as a tear roles down your cheek I spit on your *** hole and begin with the other hand with a chuckle....Oh the things I would do while I had you tied down....******* would only be the start.

I will indeed do just that.