I was fisted, but not from a person.  You see, I bought one of those rubber fists from an online sex-toy shop.  It took me about 3 weeks of using the inflatable plug before I could get stretched enough to use the fist.  The fist is really teh replica of a male forearm and hand, not really in a fist, but sort of with fingers bunched together.  The thing was long and wide at the hand, and was heavy.  Unfortunately, the rubber was very flexible, so you could not stand it up and sit on it.  I would start out standing, and get the thing into my *** up to the knuckles, then I would have to lay on my back and keep pushes and breathing and squeezing until it would go in.  Once in, it was quite comfortable.  I could litterly stand and walk around with this thing hanging out of my ***.  It was so erotic.  The down side was that it had to come back out and that took a lot of time.  I had to move out of my apartment into my girlfriends apartment, so the fist went into the trash.  Perhaps one day I will get another, of try and convince my woman to fist me, but that is doubtful.

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4 Responses Jan 23, 2009

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I have brought the topic up with my wife but it always seens to come out as if its just a joke. :(

My ex girlfriend had 4 fingers in my once, I told her I wanted her whole hand in me but she stopped cuz it got messy

A woman's hand is probably smaller and easier to take- better watch out for long fingernails, though- you may wind up in the emergency room making up a story...

most women would be able to fist as long as they used a good lube and gave themselves enough time to relax and enjoy ,but it is up to the individual as to what they are willing to try