I Need to Have a Fist Up My Rear and Soon


I know the first time that I formented the thought that I really needed to have my butt penetrated by more than a good man's ****.  It was while I was visiting New York City and I latched onto the man who could do me right. Funny I met him just crossing the street I turned around and chased him down although he wasn’t running away. He laughed not at me and we both knew instantly what needed to happen that night and the next few days after.  But unfortunately he thought that I needed some alcohol and I got drunk. We went to his place in Chelsea and started to get it on. First he had me fist him and told me what I was feeling the softness of his inner lining how sweet. Then he started on me slowly but unfortunately I passed out. He never told me how far we got and that unset me greatly. I left New York City soon after that. Invested in a fist sized ***** and use it every now and then with some fair amount of success but I need more and I know that I need more and I know that I need it really bad. My butt time starts to heat up on the last quarter of the full moon. Funny you say well it is true I have been keeping a diary of my hungry butt. I have not been fisted by a good man who knows what he is doing. I have been fisted since my first encounter but have not been satisfied with the results. I wear a chastity tube to keep from getting off. I don’t need a **** up my butt I need a fist. ***** are selfish and insensitive in my opinion. I have a leather sling that I made myself in one of my bedrooms and I live on the West Coast north of San Francisco. It would take me about 10 seconds into a meeting if the man that I would want to do my butt justice is the right person for me. I don’t want to do drugs even recreational so that might put the damper on the moment unless there is a complete understanding of what is going to happen and that it not be for selfish reasons.  
31-35, M
10 Responses Jul 15, 2009

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I am amazed at how many guys likes *******. i am not into guys but i love to be fisted by girls. and i wish i could find one now. i would let her tie me up and stick whatever she wanted up my butt. especially her fists. both of em all the way to her elbow. in my stomach. mmm god i need a girl

I don't trust anyone to do this for me, so I bought some rigid polyurethane foam and filled a coke bottle with it. It's lightweight and solid, the plastic of the bottle is nice and smooth. Anytime I'm in need of a good ring stretching I grab that fat post and a handful of lube. Far better than those sissy little butt plugs- even the large one just doesn't satisfy the way my soda bottle post does...

*thinks*<br />
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Um.... Ive got a story about a tub of 'i cant believe its not butter' and a mans bottom.....<br />
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Im not following you guys anywhere ever again... Im intreagued by the chastity tube tho....<br />
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Is it for ur ***?


WHOA! What a horny story! I love it! Never been fisted- but I probably could take it...

hell, that sounds like a lot of pain. I can't even do anal sex!

Hey you sound like me, I really want a fist in me too. Have you had any more encounters. I have fisted guys before, and get so envious. How do we find the right guy for the first time?

wasn't i though....

Well that was Different!