I have a fantasy of being forced to lay in bed, forbidden to move or attempt any exercise so as not to burn precious fat or calories whilst a devoted feeder treats me like their fat princess and keeps an endless supply of cakes, cookies & candy going into my gut, watching with glee as my once "thin" body drowns in layers upon layers of fat. I can feel every extra pound as it settles on my massive frame, my cheeks resemble that of a chipmunk, what was once a hint of a double chin is now a thick roll of fat, with a third chin taking shape, my arms & fingers have gotten so big I can barely lift them, my breasts are stretchmark covered pendulums hanging at each side of my bloated body and spreading onto my arms, what used to be a pot belly is now so overstuffed & swollen that when I attempt to lift my head up, all I can see is an enormous, jiggling beast of a belly that rests comfortably between my massive thunder thighs which are spread on either side of the bed to accommodate my ever increasing girth, my calfs look more like tree trunks than legs, covered in swathes of fat that form very thick cankles, and my a*s has gotten so fat from the lack of exercise it forms a thick, dimpled fleshy pillow underneath me that spills out to both ends of the specially built bed.

If I do as I'm told then my feeder rewards me by climbing onto my enormous, wobbling belly and feeds me whatever I demand by hand and humiliates me by calling me a fat pig, greedy sow or lazy, corpulent cow as they rub my swollen belly, knowing that humiliation and belly rubs only increase my already voracious appetite, but if I refuse to eat then I am punished by having my hands and feet tied to the bed and having a tube inserted in my throat that will fill me up until I am in pain and the skin on my stomach is stretched tight ,place food on my belly to tease me, knowing that I can't reach it or demand that I attempt to exercise, watching me and laughing at me as I struggle against my weight to even attempt a sit up in bed.
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7 Responses Aug 24, 2014

kinky?? I'd love to be your feeder

I'd let you eat until you popped then make you eat more!

I would love to do this too you! :-)

That is so hot! ;)

Sounds like one of my fantasies for a fat girl.

Amazing story. O.O

Certainly a lovely fatasy~

If only it could become a reality :)

Indeed~ ^-^