Ok Ok I Love Diapers...

I think the last time I wrote someting in one of these forced to wear a diaper I was trying to be sarcastic hope I spelled that right. But the fact of the matter is I am also a transgender ie I know deep down in my soul I was meant to be a woman and have babies. Darn fate I don't like her. Any who I have been writing stories about changes for years mostly about becoming a real girl but some of the stories I write just involve spell check isle 5 forced into wearing diapers. I know they are not ture stories but some one asked me a question before I quit the last time. I will even admit I am still embarressed about liking to wear diapers and fully using them. I guess mostly because I was forced out of mine not in a kind tender hearted way a parent should have done if they did not want their child wearing them. It seemed my mother thought I was going to be her last baby and allowed me to continue to wear my daiper until I was like three but the quick change and my life did not go so well and my parents took another two years to get me out of them. I am not sure how long my mother would have left me in a diaper if my younger brother had not come along. I don't think she had any attention to get me out of them for many more years to come. But I think I would like to write some of my stories in here even if they are only fiction. I am not her to offend any one they will be about both boys and girls in oddly forced ways into wearing a diaper for the rest of their lives. I hope some of you enjoy them please comment if this is ok with you. Like I said I am not here to offend any one I know I really do enjoy this and I wish some one would force me to have to wear them for the rest of my life and that everyone knew I had no choice to wear them and felt to sorry for me to ever be rude about it.
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no force me!